Arnold floods: Gedling Borough Council to help clear up damaged properties

 Arnold floods: Gedling Borough Council to help clear up damaged properties
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Residents whose homes were hit by flooding in Arnold over the past few days are being offered help to clean up their properties by the local council.

Gedling Borough Council are sending teams to the town to help those who need help removing damaged items from their gardens and properties.

A number of staff and crew will be on the two main roads were the damaged was caused, Bentwell Avenue and Bonington Drive tomorrow (Wednesday, 19) from 9am to offer assistance.

Several properties were damaged by the rainfall that occurred on Wednesday 12 causing large scale damage to gardens and severe flooding in a handful of properties.

Sandbags were used to help protect properties from flooding (IMAGE:GBC)

Six large skips will be provided by the council as part of its responsibility to help support clear up operations after flooding incidents.

The council officers will help move large, heavy items that can be moved safely, assist with dismantling of garden sheds, remove broken glass and stack fence posts. All homeowners are advised to talk to their insurers before moving any items.

Deputy Leader of Gedling Borough Council, Cllr Michael Payne said: “A number of households have been affected by the floods and we want to do what we can to try and alleviate the task of getting their homes and gardens back to normal.

“We will be there from tomorrow morning to help lift heavy items, remove damaged goods and get the clear up started.

“We are doing everything we can to support the families dealing with this terrible situation and we are calling on any residents who want to offer their support to come along tomorrow morning and help out.”

Emily Sanchez

Emily Sanchez


  • They need sandbags pre flooding….not after or when it is happening … we are supposed to be on Yellow alert…

  • Yes it’s brill you offering help to bentwell avenue and bonnington drive but what about the other homes that got hit like Brookfield road or Gedling road you have been and asked any of them if they are ok or if there is anything to help with I have spoke to a couple of neighbors around me and they have not heard anything from anyone they are just left to fend for themselves and struggle
    And that is the part I find disgusting

  • If Arnold is still flooding so badly, why aren’t the tanks that were installed a few years ago not taking up the excess water? Quite a lot of business properties were affected last week, are they getting as much assistance as domestic ones?

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