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Flood teams in Gedling borough work through the night to help keep water levels down

Council and agency teams are being praised for their efforts as they worked through the night to help fight rising flood waters across the borough.

Gedling Borough Council’s Parks and Street Cleaning teams worked through the night to keep grates cleared of blockages so rain water could escape. They also kept sandbags refilled, in case they were needed.

The Environment Agency prevented Ouse Dyke from breaking its banks at the junction of Conway Road and Colwick Loop Road, which Gedling Borough Council said would have been ‘a flooding disaster’.

Gedling Borough Council parks and street team
PICTURED: Gedling Borough Council’s Parks and Street Cleansing team (l to r) Martin Baker, Gary Watts, Ben Hollingswath, Andy Staniforth, Ian Berry, Andy Thornley, Kevin McGuinness

They managed to keep water levels down by clearing grills and also managing levels in the River Trent so the dyke’s water could escape into it.

CLOSE CALL: The Ouse Dyke was in danger of flooding over onto Colwick Loop Road last night

A Gedling Borough Council Spokesperson said: “Our crews worked throughout the night clearing our grate grids and they have also begun the clean-up process early this morning.

“There are still some road closures but Nottinghamshire County Council are assessing the roads which are affected and are opening them as and when they can.

“The Parks and Street Care teams are also refilling the sandbags held in the depot and, whilst we’re not expecting any further adverse weather, our teams will be on standby if and when they are needed.”

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