Parents can have their say on school term dates in Gedling borough from 2023.

Nottinghamshire County Council has launched a consultation to determine the dates when all school terms and holidays are to begin and end.

The Council is consulting on School Holiday and Term time dates for 2023 until 2027.

The consultation will run until May 2, 2021.


People can vote to keep the holidays as they are or a two-week break for October half-term and changes to the start and end date of the academic year.

Dates for 2021/2022 and 2022/2023 have already been set.

Local Authorities have a duty to determine school term dates for local authority maintained schools. Schools must be open to pupils for 190 days in an academic year, and 195 days for teachers.

Foundation, Trust, Voluntary Aided schools and Academies are responsible for setting their own holiday dates and so individual schools, which are not maintained by the local authority, may choose to follow a pattern and/or specific dates that do not match those set by Nottinghamshire Local Authority.

When setting proposed dates for each model, we have, where possible, tried to take account of dates/patterns already set by our local authority neighbours.  However, it should be noted that there is no formal mechanism for the regional setting of holiday dates. 

You can take part in the consultation here:



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