Gedling borough: Planning applications submitted near you

Here is a round-up of the latest plans that the council’s planning officers will now decide. 

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A village hall extension and outdoor area for new pub are amongst the many applications submitted to Gedling Borough Council in the last week.  

Here is a round-up of the latest plans that the council’s planning officers will now decide on. 


Single storey side and rear extension to create an open plan kitchen dining room and new utility room with canopy.
27 Homefield Avenue Arnold Nottinghamshire NG5 8FZ
Ref. No: 2022/0589

Proposal to install 2x fascia, 1x projecting sign, 2xdibond, 1x vinyl
Tesco Express Oxclose Lane Arnold Nottinghamshire NG5 6FZ
Ref. No: 2022/0567 

Single Storey Side Extension with Roof Replacement to Existing Rear Extension.
41 Ashdale Road Arnold Nottinghamshire NG5 8BH
Ref. No: 2022/0554

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Erection of single storey flat roof rear extension with skylight window.
2 Maplebeck Road Arnold Nottinghamshire NG5 7JT
Ref. No: 2022/0544

Change of use to A4 with internal alterations to facilitate the use. Cooling fan fitted to the rear of building. Outside seating area to the front with awning.
72 Front Street Arnold Nottinghamshire NG5 7EJ
Ref. No: 2022/0472


Single storey rear extension
15 Larch Close Bestwood Nottinghamshire NG5 8SB
Ref. No: 2022/0537 

Burton Joyce

New dormer window on front elevation
11 Woodside Road Burton Joyce Nottinghamshire NG14 5AW
Ref. No: 2022/0600 


Approval of details reserved by condition 5 (materials) of planning permission 2020/0020
Land North West Park Road Calverton Nottinghamshire
Ref. No: 2022/0583DOC

Single storey side and rear extension
110 Lee Road Calverton Nottinghamshire NG14 6NA
Ref. No: 2022/0505

Extension to the existing village hall building to include a parish office, meeting room, workshop and three community units
William Lee Recreation Ground, Community Hall Park Road Calverton Nottinghamshire NG14 6SA
Ref. No: 2022/0491

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Erection of a front boundary wall and gates and erection of outbuildings.
321 Main Street Calverton NG14 6LT
Ref. No: 2021/1190


Single and two storey rear extensions
6 Avondale Road Carlton Nottinghamshire NG4 1AF
Ref. No: 2022/0604 

Non-material amendment to planning permission 2021/1432 (replacement of sections of cladding with render)
Midlands Academy Of Dance And Drama 50 Cornhill Road Carlton Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG4 1GE
Ref. No: 2022/0611NMA 

Construction of a single storey rear extension
79 First Avenue Carlton Nottinghamshire NG4 1PH
Ref. No: 2022/0593

Erection of dwelling & parking area
12 Verne Close Carlton Nottinghamshire NG4 1FJ
Ref. No: 2022/0588 

Attic conversion with rear dormer
72 Dale Road Carlton Nottinghamshire NG4 1GT
Ref. No: 2022/0571

Construction of a Double Garage and Single Storey Rear Extension
187 Westdale Lane East Carlton Nottinghamshire NG4 4FL
Ref. No: 2022/0448

Single storey rear extension and annex house at the end of rear garden
36 Coningswath Road Carlton Nottinghamshire NG4 3SJ
Ref. No: 2022/0280 


No planning applications this week



Single storey rear extension
12 Emerys Road Gedling Nottinghamshire NG4 2QQ
Ref. No: 2022/0603

Non-material amendment to planning permission 2015/1376 (alterations to materials)
Land At Chase Farm (Former Gedling Colliery), Adjacent To Arnold Lane And Land Off Lambley Lane Gedling Nottinghamshire
Ref. No: 2022/0608NMA

Two storey side extension
67 County Road Gedling Nottinghamshire NG4 4JN
Ref. No: 2022/0578

First floor front extension
35 Oaktree Drive Gedling Nottinghamshire NG4 4DA
Ref. No: 2022/0563


No planning applications this week


No planning applications this week


Change of use of land from garage court to residential garden and the erection of a garden shed (retrospective)
7 Thurlestone Drive Mapperley Nottinghamshire NG3 5SD
Ref. No: 2022/0536 

Convert part of the existing garage to form a groom room for a dog grooming business
76 Haywood Road Mapperley Nottinghamshire NG3 6AE
Ref. No: 2022/0533

Conversion of existing part integral garage; construct new bay window to front elevation and replace flat roof with new tiled pitched roof.
39 Kent Road Mapperley Nottinghamshire NG3 6BE
Ref. No: 2022/0477


No planning applications this week


Single storey rear extension
Lord Byron House Newstead Abbey Park Station Avenue Newstead Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG15 8GE
Ref. No: 2022/0592PN

New dropped kerb and erection of new raised driveway to front garden plus modifications to front boundary wall for access
2 Hucknall Road Newstead Nottinghamshire NG15 0BD
Ref. No: 2022/0543


Proposed front two storey extension, rear single storey extension and new porch
Barracks Farm Forest Lane Papplewick Nottinghamshire NG15 8FG
Ref. No: 2022/0580


No planning applications this week


No planning applications this week

Stoke Bardolph

No planning applications this week


Erection of single storey rear and first floor side extension 
Woodvale Bank Hill Woodborough Nottinghamshire NG14 6EF
Ref. No: 2022/0582

T1 – Fell (Monterey Cypress)
153 Main Street Woodborough Nottinghamshire NG14 6DD
Ref. No: 2022/0569TPO 

Non-material amendment to planning permission 2020/1164 – insertion of two additional Velux roof windows into the north elevation.
4 Pinfold Crescent Woodborough Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG14 6DQ
Ref. No: 2022/0548NMA


Rear single storey extension on footprint of existing conservatory.
3 Bonington Road Woodthorpe Nottinghamshire NG3 5JR
Ref. No: 2022/0574 

Two storey front extension and single storey rear extension
21 Greys Road Woodthorpe Nottinghamshire NG5 4GU
Ref. No: 2022/0570

Single storey extension to rear.
13 Arno Vale Road Woodthorpe Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG5 4JH
Ref. No: 2022/0564


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