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Gedling borough MPs react to Dominic Cummings statement


Gedling borough MPs have reacted to Dominic Cummings’ address to the media following allegations he flouted UK lockdown rules.

Gedling MP Tom Randall thinks we should now move on following yesterday’s statement.

He said: “Having now heard Dominic Cummings’ account, I think he has given a detailed explanation of his actions, which I think were reasonable, and which I trust will draw a line under the matter.

Mr Randall said he had received a lot of correspondence on the issue from constituents over recent days.

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He added: “I have received several hundred e-mails on this subject over the weekend and appreciate the depth of feeling on this matter. I will reply in detail to those e-mails this week.”

Conservative MP for Sherwood Mark Spencer thought it was now time to start concentrating again on fighting the pandemic.

PICTURED: Dominic Cummings

He tweeted: “A full, frank, honest and open statement from Dominic Cummings.

“He acted as a father and husband, within the rules. He has had lots of mis information put out there about him. Time to move on and focus on solving this massive national challenge of Covid19

Yesterday, Mr Cummings spoke to the media after controversy surrounded his visit to Durham during the UK’s lockdown.

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He said in a statement: “I know that millions of people in this country are angry, thousands have died, many are angry about what they have seen in the media about my actions. I want to clear up the confusions and misunderstandings that I can.”

On the public’s anger towards his decision to drive 260 miles to Durham, he added: “I can understand that some people will argue that I should have stayed at my home in London throughout.

“I understand these views. I know the intense hardship and sacrifice the entire country has had to go through.

“However, I respectfully disagree. The legal rules inevitably do not cover all circumstances, including those that I found myself in.”

Mr Cummings said he had not thought about resigning.

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  1. Cummings expalnations are pathetic and and insult to anyones intelligence. Saying we should now move on is just a sign of my M.P. being spineless. He has lost my vote.

  2. He should resign, it’s disgusting that he travelled all that way. The GOVERNMENT SHOULD SHOW a good example, this is why people are not listening to them. I wasnt allowed to see my dad b4 he passed away in April and we haven’t seen any of our children or grandchildren in 10 weeks. We abide by the rules so he should it shouldn’t be 1 rule for us and another for the so called GOVERNMENT. Do the decent thing and RESIGN ASAP

  3. I agree that we should move on, he made his decisions in order to protect his son, he is being harassed by a lot of the press, the press outside his house in London have not been following social distancing. Further more there are labour mp’s who have gone to funerals with 100 people, gone on picnics etc, but the press are not asking for them to resign or be sacked.
    Time to move on & leave him alone.

  4. The whole event was staged and full of half truths just another if you think the public can’t see the fudge of this statement then you show yourself as an idiot

  5. Who are you??Not seen you in our community trying to help.
    Can’t wait until you lot go and we get a proper MP who cares about the community back in the driving seat.

  6. I have received several hundred e-mails on this subject over the weekend and appreciate the depth of feeling on this matter. ===> And I have decided to ignore them.


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