Gedling Borough Council issue statement over online video featuring Trent Valley councillor Sam Smith

 Gedling Borough Council issue statement over online video featuring Trent Valley councillor Sam Smith
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Gedling Borough Council has today issued a statement after a video appeared online featuring Trent Valley councillor Sam Smith that protestors say shows him ‘taking and damaging an EU flag belonging to them.’

In the statement released this afternoon, Gedling Borough Council said: “The Council is aware of an incident involving Gedling Conservative Councillor, Sam Smith, after video footage of an incident in Manchester which has been posted online.

“Gedling Borough Council has a robust Code of Conduct in place to ensure high standards of conduct are maintained by councilors at all times. The code sets out the behaviours expected of all borough councillors when they are acting in that capacity and formal arrangements are in place to handle complaints where a councillor has failed to meet these standards.

Helen Barrington, Monitoring Officer for Gedling Borough Council said: “I have received a number of complaints concerning this incident, which will be processed in accordance with the council’s arrangements for dealing with complaints of this nature.

She added: “It would not be appropriate to comment further at this time other than to give an assurance that the matter will be dealt with in accordance with the Code.”



  • If the complaints are from parties other than conservative, they should be dismissed, as they are purely politically motivated! After watching the video, I can see no reason for complaint, and no person was harmed nor property damaged. Removing agitators flags is not a criminal act!

    • Well said …. .IMHO as we voted to leaver the EU 3 years ago surely by now any EU flags, emblems and insignia are redundant, definitely unwanted and possibly illegal as they could well be being used to cause trouble by fermenting public disorder . Any one respectful of our Monarchy and the Democratic Vote to Leave should remove them immediately and return them unharmed to Brussels. I suggest local councils should provide disposal bins for this purpose outside their Offices. Thank You.

      • We are still members of the EU.
        Are you expecting your ‘fermented’ disorder to be available in Wetherspoons?

    • Why assume the complaints come from political parties? Theft is theft, whatever is stolen, and causing a person concern for their personal safety is assault. It’s telling that the criminal, and his defendants, are Tory – dragging the one time party of law & order further into the gutter.

  • We have standards which we expect the Police, teachers, solicitors, doctors and indeed, MOs and Councillors. In the video, Councillor Sam Smith has clearly violated Gedling Borough Council’s Standards, and as such, he is under investigation.

    PS I have stolen your telly, but as I did it politically, don’t complain.

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