Future looks positive for Colwick printing firm

 Future looks positive for Colwick printing firm

PICTURED: The Wilkins Group head office in Colwick

A global family packaging firm based in Colwick has invested around 350,000 euros in a new gluing machine for its Romania factory.

The Wilkins Group purchased the Omega Allpro 110 Folder Gluer to speed up production and do the job that was previously being done by two machines.

Justin Wilkins, sales director, said: “The kit does all types of weird and wonderful gluing constructions that we have.

“The reason we invested in this is to increase our output on the finishing side. This machine is a real uplift to what we’ve already got out there in terms of speed and set up times, so it will really uplift that end of the business.

“We already have high speed die cutting and printing machines but the gluers were slowing it down. We needed to invest in the gluing area to bring it in line with the rest of the factory. It will make a big difference.”

The kit that this machine is replacing consists of two machines which need two operators and six assistants to operate it per shift. The new machine will need just three people in total, per shift. The remaining staff will be given jobs in other parts of the factory.

The Omega Allpro will do all standard types of gluing and also more complicated types of gluing such as; six corner gluing, four corner gluing and crash-lock base gluing.

The machine will be in place by the end of the year, with the potential of The Wilkins Group utilising the technology in its other worldwide hubs. It employs around 500 staff globally, including in Sri Lanka, China, India and Bangladesh.

The company has recently taken on more staff in its Romania factory. There are now more than 60 people working for The Wilkins Group in Romania.

Justin said: “The future is looking positive for The Wilkins Group.”

More information can be found at wilkins.co.uk

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