Here’s what our MPs in Gedling borough are doing in the coronavirus crisis

 Here’s what our MPs in Gedling borough are doing in the coronavirus crisis

PICTURED: MPs Nadia Whittome, left, and Tom Randall, right

With so many people’s lives changed almost beyond recognition by the coronavirus crisis, the MPs we elected have had to make significant adjustments too. 

Like so many of their constituents, their daily commute is now to the lounge or kitchen. 

But with so many constituents facing severe hardships, the casework inboxes have been bulging, with more and more people turning to their MPs for help. 

When not dealing with casework, the roles played by Notts MPs has varied greatly. 

Nottingham East MP Nadia Whittome has returned part-time to the career she held before she was elected in December. 

She now divides her time between day-to-day MP work and being a social carer. 

Tom Randall, who replaced Vernon Coaker as the MP for Gedling in December, moved into a new flat in Arnold last month. 

In the four months since he became an MP, a third of the casework has come in the last two weeks.

Gedling MP Tom Randall
PICTURED: Tom Randall MP
PICTURED: Nadia Whittome

He says he still puts on a tie every morning, in part so that when he takes it off in the evening it can symbolise the end of a working day.

He said: “In an odd way a lot of the work has carried on as usual, apart from the volume, because so much of what we do is by email and phone anyway. 

“But it’s getting through the volume of casework that’s been the big challenge.

“I have still done surgeries, we’ve had surgeries over the phone, which are not great because you’re not in front of somebody and I like the personal contact of actually being able to meet someone face to face, but I’ve still held surgeries and they’ve gone quite well.

”We’ve had some good feedback which is nice, I mean obviously everyone is frustrated with what’s going on, but a lot of people have been saying ‘thanks for your help’.”

Shortly after the lockdown began, newly-elected Nottingham East MP Nadia Whittome chose to return to social care, with all wages being donated to local coronavirus relief organisations.

Speaking to constituents, she said: “This is an unprecedented time for our city, country, and world. 

“As the MP for Nottingham East, I want to reassure you that I am doing all that I can to work in our best interests during this worrying time. 

“You may have seen that I have decided to return part-time to my previous job as a care worker, in order to support our care system that is already in crisis. 

“I am maintaining my duties as a local MP; my office and I can be reached as usual and we will continue to work from home to deal with casework and enquires.”

Kit Sandeman, Local Democracy Reporter

Kit Sandeman, Local Democracy Reporter

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