A call to former pupils of Carlton le Willows

 A call to former pupils of Carlton le Willows

PICTURED: Pupils from Calrlton le Willows in 1972

Former pupils and staff of Carlton le Willows are being invited to join a new society which has been formed to help celebrate the school’s rich history.

The Carlton le Willows Salix Society was formed back in October last year, with 200 former pupils turning up to a launch event alongside Gedling MP Vernon Coaker and the Mayor of Gedling Barbara Miller.

The society is now on the hunt for more people to sign up, with society leaders believing there must still be around 8000 former pupils eligible to join.

Society chairman Steve Watts said: “The society is working with the current Academy and trying to encourage former pupils and staff to help put a history back into the school.

PICTURED: A class from 1957
PICTURED: Pupils from Calrlton le Willows in 1972

“We currently have nearly 200 members and the majority of which attended the Grammar School, some like myself went to the Technical Grammar School. We believe there is close to 8000 former pupils out there.

“The society needs members, especially former staff and pupils that attended any of the schools since 1973.”

Mr Watts added: “We are looking for memorabilia, photos, trophies and uniforms from any school that was on the site from 1953!

“We are setting up display cabinets in both school buildings to show the old school magazines, photos and memorabilia from former pupils.”

The group recently launched a new website that has exclusive access areas for paid up members that contain memorabilia from across the years, which can be found at www.clwsalix.co.uk

The society are also holding their first AGM next Saturday (March 16) at the Academy and are welcoming anyone wishing to become a member. Membership currently costs £10 per year. The event starts at 11.30am.

For more information email [email protected]


Gedling Eye Reporter

Gedling Eye Reporter


  • I attended 89-95 when Mr nesbitt was head teacher.

  • We need input from all ages, we need to build an archive, so if you have uniform, sports kit, trophies and magazines especially from 1973 onwards please drop us an email [email protected]

  • I started Carlton le willows technical grammar school the year it opened 1962, as a first year pupil. There were only 3 years at that time and I think our year was the first to go through 5 years. Our headmaster was Mr Brigham.

  • I started Carlton le willows technical grammar school the year it opened 1962, as a first year pupil. There were only 3 years at that time and I think our year was the first to go through 5 years. Our headmaster was Mr Brigham.

  • I went to Carlton Le willows Grammar school when it first opened in 1954. My teacher was Mr Lee and our classroom was the geography room. The school opened with just two years of pupils as the building was only partly complete, most of it being still a building site. Unfortunately I cannot get to the AGM as I have another commitment that day,. I still have my school scarf and blazer badge and a photo of the whole school in 1954. Good luck.

    • I was own that same class in the Geography room …..

  • I went to Carlton Le Willows Grammar School in 1957 followed by my sister Janet. It was still a brand new school and pupil years were still required, so no senior year at that time. I think I am on the front row of the photo from 1957 but I can’t decide which of two people! I set up an ‘ancestry book’ for the family and have photos of lots of friends, June Levington, Phillipa Stanger (we are in touch) and Joyce Butterworth. Elizabeth Naylor comes to mind and two of my sisters friends, Pam (now Dent) and Joy Lamberth are still her friends and mine too when I go to Nottingham or they come on holiday somewhere near here. I was also friends with Cath Knight and we saw each other a lot after school, even when we had children but lost touch when she moved. I wish I knew what happened to some of those friends. I have a lot of photos including me, beaming away in my school uniform but don’t know how I can send them, I never loved school but didn’t hate it either , have gone on to achieve a fair amount but wish I had worked harder!!

  • I was a first year student at Carlton le Willows in 1954, there was only my year and one above when I started.There were concrete mixers and diggers plus earth movers working all day.
    I remember Fred Lee, he taught geography, Mr Stamper and Miss Squires who taught French, also Miss Crust? not good at remembering names
    I played for the school at Rugby and cross country running.

  • I was an assistant teacher from Germany in 1971 / 72 at both schools, living with a nice family in Carlton and teaching German.
    It was a wonderful year and I enjoyed it very much. The older pupils (taking A-Levels) and I were more friends tha teacher and pupil as I was 22 at the time.

  • i was in the 6th Form for two years having transferred from another school.I was there from 1964 to 1968 and studied French,English and General Studies at A Level.I remember Mr Stamper and Miss Squires who taught me French.I went on to be a French teacher myself as I enjoyed my studies at the school.

  • I am trying to trace an old school friend from Le Willows, Caroline Church.
    We attended 1976 to 1982.
    If anyone is still in contact with her I would be so pleased to hear from you.
    The last I heard she was married with one son living in Germany.
    Many thanks

  • I was a pupil from 1957-1961 & have many happy memories of that time. I enjoyed a fantastic school trip to Rome for the Olympic Games & often think of my days with great affection. My family moved to the Isle of Wight in 61 where I lived until 1970 when I moved to Southampton after getting married & am still here. If there is anyone that can remember me I would love to hear from them or anyone that was at the school @ that time. I attended Carisbrooke Grammar School on the island but it never held the same place in my memories.

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