Flooding hits the borough

 Flooding hits the borough

PICTURE: @dannyf53

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Flooding is now having an impact on parts of the borough as the torrential rain continues.

Drivers are struggling to make their way through Lambley village currently due to severe flooding on the roads.

People are being advised to avoid driving through the area.

Readers are also reporting that flooding is beginning to hit parts of Burton Joyce and also Arnold Lane in Mapperley, near the golf club.

Gedling Borough Council tweeted: “Due to the severe weather, the main road into #Lambley is now flooded. We have contacted @NottsCC to ask them to create road diversions into Woodborough #floodaware

The council also advised that if anyone need to contact them overnight due to emergency flooding issues, they should call 0800 0960306. The normal lines will open at 8.45am tomorrow morning.

Nottingham City Transport has said the Sky Blue 46/47 and Pathfinder 26 buses are now running as normal.

PICTURED: Flooding in the centre of Lambley (IMAGE: @dannyf53

Gedling Borough Councillor for Trent Valley, Councillor Sam Smith said residents in Burton Joyce had begun contacting him to request sandbags due to flooding.

He tweeted…

Flood alerts remain in place on the River Trent and River Trent tributaries.

An alert remains on Stoke Lane at Stoke Bardolph.

The Environment Agency said: “Please plan driving routes to avoid low lying roads near rivers, which may be flooded and avoid contact with flood water.”


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