Flood water warning from police to drivers in Gedling borough

 Flood water warning from police to drivers in Gedling borough
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Nottinghamshire Police is urging motorists in Gedling borough not to drive through floodwater following the recent heavy rainfall.

The warning comes after reports of drivers getting stuck and homes being flooded due to vehicles pushing water into people’s properties.

Superintendent Paul Winter said: “We’re urging drivers to be careful and considerate following an increase in rainfall.

“We are getting reports of drivers ignoring flood warning signs and taking risks by driving through floodwater.

“We’ve also had a number of reports from residents whose homes have been flooded due to motorists driving on flooded roads, creating waves of water which has entered their properties.

“We’re urging road users not to take any risks, avoid flooded areas, make sure that they do not drive around cones in the road and to use caution when travelling.

PICTURED: A road flooded in Lambley

“Water may seem low enough to drive through but you can’t be sure what debris is in the water so drive carefully and try and find an alternate route where possible.”

‘Extra time for travel’

Nottinghamshire Police is also urging drivers to check before heading to work tomorrow (Friday 15 November 2019) and allow extra time due to the possibility of disruption.

Superintendent Paul Winter said: “There are already more than 20 road closures in force across Nottinghamshire and that number may well rise overnight.

“We’re urging drivers to take extra care on the roads and to consider putting off their journey if they can.

“Remember that it will take a lot longer to stop your car in wet weather, so leave plenty of room to the car in front.

“You should take notice of all road closure signs and do not drive through large amounts of standing water.”

For details of road closures and disruption, visit www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/disruption and


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