Flood warning issued for parts of Gedling borough

 Flood warning issued for parts of Gedling borough

A flood warning – meaning flooding is expected and immediate action is required – has been issued for parts of Gedling borough.

Burton Joyce is at risk of flooding along with parts of Carlton and Gedling and Netherfield.

flood alert map
A map showing where flooding is possible

The Environment Agency, who issued the alert, said: “River levels have risen at the Lowdham river gauge as a result of heavy rainfall. Consequently, flooding of roads and farmland continues. Areas most at risk are low-lying agricultural land and roads around the tributaries of the River Trent in Nottinghamshire.

They added: “We are closely monitoring the situation. Please avoid using low-lying footpaths near local watercourses and plan driving routes to avoid low-lying roads near rivers, which may be flooded.


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