Fears over pressures on local services if 130 homes are created on Linby and Hucknall border

The plans, submitted by developer Barwood Homes, would see the properties built on greenfield land close to the future, 805-home Top Wighay Farm development, also in Linby.

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Plans for more than 130 homes on the Hucknall and Linby border could combine with other developments to create huge pressure on local services, some politicians fear.

Developers have put forward proposals for the 135 houses in Hayden Lane, Linby, right on the village’s border with Hucknall.

The plans, submitted by developer Barwood Homes, would see the properties built on greenfield land close to the future, 805-home Top Wighay Farm development, also in Linby.

However, concerns have been raised over the impact the 135 homes could cause on existing Hucknall services amidst large development planned nearby.

It comes at the same time Ashfield District Council progresses with its draft local housing plan, which could see 3,000 homes built on Hucknall’s greenbelt at Whyburn Farm.

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Councillor John Wilmott (Ash Ind), who represents Hucknall North on Ashfield District Council, is concerned the 135 homes could impact existing services in the town.

He said: “The new residents will be using Hucknall’s overstretched services, yet still no developer contributions are to be received from these houses towards Hucknall’s need.

“Transport contributions, new health provision, road improvements and education provision are all needed urgently to improve Hucknall’s infrastructure.”

Barwood Homes’ plans have been submitted to Gedling Borough Council, because the development itself will sit just within the Gedling borough area.

However, separate plans have been submitted for an access road from Delia Avenue and Dorothy Avenue, in Hucknall, to serve the new 135-home development.

This application has been submitted to Ashfield District Council, and both plans are currently pending consideration by the authorities.


However, concerns have been raised by a leading Government minister about the impact of the three major developments.

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Mark Spencer, Hucknall’s Conservative MP, is also leader of the House of Commons.

He said: “Coming off the back of Ashfield District Council’s emerging local plan, and the proposed Whyburn Farm Development, it is easy to see why this proposal has caused so much hurt.

“For so long as Gedling Borough and Ashfield District Councils continue to swamp Hucknall with houses, we will continue to face the same issues – struggles accessing GP appointments, over congested roads and school place shortages.

“It is the people of Hucknall that suffer. It is the people of Hucknall who have issues getting appointments or have trouble with school places.”

However, the developer believes its plans will be “proportionate” and won’t have any “adverse effects” on the community.

Statements published on behalf of Barwood Homes state: “The scheme proposes a high-quality development of 135 dwellings with associated landscaping, parking and access.

“Hucknall is a sustainable and desirable location to live, benefiting from a range of local amenities and transport links.

“The proposal is of a scale that is proportionate to the size of the settlement and will not have any adverse effects in terms of highway safety, amenity of neighbours, visual impact, heritage, ecology or any other environmental requirements.

“The proposals will create a high-quality development which respects and complements the existing character of the surrounding area and local town context.”

A spokesperson for Gedling Borough Council added: “Funding to mitigate the impacts of the development, known as a Section 106 Agreement, has not yet been allocated and a consultation will take place to decide how that will be used.

“The funding is used to support local infrastructure such as transport links, highways, schools and health care provisions that would benefit the local community, including residents in the neighbouring Hucknall.

“As with all planning applications, any comments and feedback will be taken into consideration when deciding if plans can be approved.”

The two applications will be reviewed by planners at their respective councils in the coming months.


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