Eye Say: ‘When will housebuilding on green space end?’

 Eye Say: ‘When will housebuilding on green space end?’

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When will the housebuilding on green spaces end?

I totally understand that houses have to be found in the area but does it always need to be on green belt land or slap bang on our lovely countryside?

I used to enjoy the walk to Stoke Bardolph but now it’s a building site and soon just the view of a housing estate – disgraceful.

I know that houses probably sell better if they are surrounded by fields but soon there will be nothing left and I don’t feel either councils now give a hoot about the environment. They are not thinking about our future generations.

Too many councillors on county and borough have architect eyes in my opinion and prefer concrete over grass.

What I think they should do is prioritise building on empty sites in towns. There is plenty of space to the right of Victoria Retail Park where the old Total storage was and other old sites. Start somewhere like that. That old Gedling School.

I read about the 120 new houses in Gedling. Soon it will be joined up to Burton Joyce. No fields anywhere. Just town after town after town.

I have started calling our councils Gedling Borough Concrete and Nottinghamshire County Concrete!

A Chapman, Carlton

Stop with the Covid stories

Please will Gedling Eye stop talking about Covid.

We know it’s out there but I think your site should be covering other things as I am sick of the doom and gloom in other news websites.

Eviction ban extended so renters in Gedling borough remain protected during 'difficult time'

Do we really need to know how many people in the area have it or died? It’s all everyone is talking about

Please find some more good news and share that

Lynn Ratcliffe, Arnold

Pothole panic

We are in a pandemic and all I am reading about is potholes, potholes, potholes!

Not all of us drive, dear Mr Editor.

Maybe people should get out of their cars and walk a little bit more and this wouldn;t be such a problem to you or some of your readers.

We need to be worried about climate change so I think more money should be taken out of the transport budget and spent on green initiatives.

Name and address withheld

What is wrong with Netherfield Station?

More trains on the line to Skegness but ONE extra stop at Netherfield?

This station is severely neglected.

I saw Radcliffe are having more trains – always that side of the Trent that gets extras in Nottingham.

Maybe places like Netherfield should be prioritised to help the economy.

Surely more trains would be better at Netherfield as they don;t have the crossing to contend with like at Carlton.

What can we do to get more trains?

S Wood, Netherfield

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