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‘Enough is enough’: Gedling MP Vernon Coaker wants council to reveal plans for ‘eyesore’ site in Arnold

Gedling MP Vernon Coaker is calling for a council to reveal their plans for an ‘abandoned’ site ravaged by fire two years’ ago in Arnold.

Mr Coaker told Gedling Eye he has requested an urgent meeting with Nottinghamshire County Council regarding the empty land at Rolleston Drive.

He said: “It is two years today since the fire at the Rolleston Drive site in Arnold and yet there are still no firm plans in place for the land. The site has been totally abandoned by the Conservatives.

“Despite making ongoing enquiries with Nottinghamshire County Council they still have no real plans for the site. 

Mr Coaker said that despite requests for information and calls for action, the site remains “an eyesore” and “abandoned by Nottinghamshire County Council.”

PICTURED: Vernon Coaker at the site in Rolleston Drive, Arnold

A derelict office block on the site burnt down back in 2017.

Mr Coaker said he had been left frustrated over the lack of plans for the land.

He said: “I have asked the questions, I have attended meetings, I have requested information, unfortunately I am not getting a response which is anywhere near satisfactory from Nottinghamshire County Council.

“It is now two years since the fire and they still do not have a plan in place for that site.

“I believe the community deserve some answers, it is not acceptable that local Conservatives have abandoned areas of land in Gedling when others are working so hard to make Gedling a great place to live, work and learn.

“The communities of Gedling deserve better than this and that is why I am asking for an urgent meeting with those responsible at Nottinghamshire County Council and I expect to see real plans for this site.

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“Enough is enough”

Gedling Eye has contacted Nottinghamshire County Council for comment.

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  1. There was plans for affordable housing to be built on the “Rollo” site, what happened to those plans???

  2. Instead of building 140 houses on the out skirt of arnold ,which you will have to concrete over grass land,put them on Rolleston Drive waste land.

  3. Isn’t the land supposed to be contaminated and that why no-one done anything about it due to cost and rigmarole involved in making the land fit to be used? That was what I heard.

  4. Ayup, Vernon, come to Carlton and have a look at our ever increasing derelict sites. The Windsor Castle, Carlton Catholic Club, Earl of Chesterfield, Carlton Square to name a few, we’re only a couple of mile away. The old cop shops only getting done because its a private job!

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