Enjoy ET screening during lunar eclipse at outdoor cinema in Colwick Park

 Enjoy ET screening during lunar eclipse at outdoor cinema in Colwick Park

Film-lovers in Gedling borough can look forward to a special open air screening of ET on the evening of the lunar eclipse when Sunset Cinema Club pops up in Colwick next week.

The event, which involved a three-month wait for special permission from Speilberg’s film licensing department in the States, coincides with the longest Lunar Eclipse of the 21st Century.

ET is the highest-grossing film of the 1980s.  Considered one of the greatest films ever made,[4][5][6]  and it ranks as the greatest science fiction film ever made in a Rotten Tomatoes survey. In 1994, it was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”

The special outdoor screening will take place on Friday , July 27, when up to 200 people are expected to gather to watch ET on an 8 metre screen near Colwick Park’s main lake, keeping an eye out for the long awaited Lunar event above.

The eclipse, which will be visible from 9pm, as the Earth’s shadow moves across the moon, will reach totality at 9.21pm and ends at 12.28am on Saturday, July 28.  The duration of total eclipse will be 1 hr 43 minutes – the longest this century.

During this type of eclipse, the moon will gradually get darker but it won’t vanish into blackness altogether – it will instead take on a coppery or reddish hue. This is popularly known as a blood moon which organisers hope will provide film fans with a spectacular atmosphere to experience the 1980’s classic.

Louise Darby, founder of Sunset Cinema Club said: “We are delighted to be working in such a spectacular setting on such a special night, the timing of which could not be better with the eclipsing blood moon beginning to rise just as people arrive, and in the sky all the way through until film end”

Picnics are welcomed and film goers can expect to be amongst a diverse local audience of young and old alike, and which includes at least one local boy named Elliot!

Tickets, which must be bought in advance, cost £8–£12.50 and are still available here: www.sunsetcinemaclub.co.uk

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