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Station adopter Tony Cave urges passengers to call for more trains at Carlton and Netherfield stations during East Midlands Railway consultation

Train enthusiast and local station adopter Tony Cave is urging passengers in the borough to call for more trains to serve Netherfield and Carlton stations during a consultation being run by East Midlands Railway.

The train firm is inviting passengers in Gedling borough to have a say on improvement plans for the network, which are due to be delivered in December 2020.

The consultation was launched after East Midlands Railway announced major plans for new timetables and improved trains on the network.

Passengers want more trains to call at Carlton Station

Most of the improvements planned for routes serving stations in Gedling borough won’t take place until December 2021, but the rail firm said some improvements would land next year.

East Midlands Railway said passengers would see the following improvements in 2020…

  • Several two-car trains being extended to three.
  • Many trains will run with additional carriages.
  • Services will no longer be planned to run as one-car trains.
  • Refurbished trains with air conditioning and up-to-the-minute passenger information will be introduced in 2020, ahead of a full refurbishment, including WiFi and plug sockets, that is planned for 2021.

But so far, no mention has been made of additional trains stopping at Carlton and Netherfield stations, something passengers had previously called for.

Carlton and Netherfield station adopter and Gedling Eye columnist Tony Cave urged passengers to use the consultation to call for additional services.

He said: “The more people we get to reply regarding trains from Carlton and Netherfield give us more chance of some improvements, which we might not get if no-one responds.”

People have until February 2020 to have their say at the train firm’s dedicated consultation website:

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  1. An absolute disgrace. Trains are late every day. They are tired. The speakers for train announcements don’t work and now they want us to wait until 2021 for real improvements but put TWO fare rises in during that time? A disgrace

  2. Terrible service from east midlands railway so far. Nerherfueld train at 7.45 is late every day since takeover and a few now got penalty fared catching Leicester train at 8am as no time to buy ticket. I have to get that teain for work and no time now for visit to ticket office.was ok under east midlands trains but not alliwed now

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