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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

‘Don’t press one!’ National Insurance scam call warning to Gedling borough residents


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People in Gedling borough are being warned about a new and dangerous scam, informing people their information has been “compromised”.

Victims have reported receiving an automated telephone call telling them their “National Insurance number has been compromised” and in order to fix this and get a new number, the victim needs to “press 1 on their handset to be connected to the caller”.

Once connected to the “caller”, victims are pressured into giving over their personal details in order to receive a new National Insurance number. In reality, they’ve been connected to a criminal who can now use their personal details to commit fraud.

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One Carlton resident who received a call said it sounded very convincing.

She said: “My reaction was to press ‘1’ and I very nearly did. It sounded genuine but then I thought about all these scam warnings and thought normally you get a letter about this kind of thing.

“A quick search on the internet revealed this scam is going on a lot. I’m glad I hesitated. I hope nobody falls for it.”

Pauline Smith, Head of Action Fraud, warned people in the borough to ‘remain vigilant’.

She said: “We are asking the public to be cautious of any automated calls they receive mentioning their National Insurance number becoming compromised.

“It’s important to remember if you’re contacted out the blue by someone asking for your personal or financial details, this could be a scam.

“Even confirming personal details, such as your email address, date of birth or mother’s maiden name, can be used by criminals to commit fraud.

“If you have any doubts about what is being asked of you, hang up the phone. No legitimate organisation will rush or pressure you.”

“Taking a moment to stop and think before parting with your money or information could keep you safe.”

If you have provided personal details to someone over the phone and you now believe this to be a scam, contact your bank, building society and credit card company immediately and report it to Action Fraud at www.actionfraud.police.uk or by calling 0300 123 2040.

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  1. I had the same thing happen and my son today on the same day like you I nearly pressed one but hesitated

  2. Same here. 07508 number. Sounded convincing, but did not press “1”. This is apparently happening all over the country. If we were in the EU, we’d be better protected, so hope the govt get’s their finger out.

    • It wouldn’t matter if we were in the EU or not…the scammer isn’t going to scamper because we’re part of the EU. You don’t seriously think that being in the EU makes you scam proof do you?…

    • sorry beg to differ on the EU comment. It has been happening for many years nothing to do with leaving the EU. Cannot blame Brexit for everything the same as companies that give poor service cannot blame covid but they do and will . The thieving lowlifes are all over the world and they need to be stopped.

  3. I also had a call with an automated message telling me that my National Insurance number had been compromised. The number they called from was 07508945538

  4. Iv had this call multiple times in the last few weeks I too was starting to think it might be real so glad I check 07427674729 was the last number they used.

  5. I keep getting calls about this over and over again but it’s by a couple of different numbers just one. If anyone is reading this and is confused on what the voice sounds like it’s basically as if you typed something into google translate and then asked them to read it out to you. Creepy

  6. This happened to me today. The robot said “Your NIN will be suspended, press one to speak with someone or you will be arrested”. I froze! I hung up immediately and started checking online for the number, I couldn’t find it, but I came across lots of articles in this regard… Take care everyone!

  7. Just had a voice mail left this morning saying that my assets will be seized and I will be arrested etc…. knew it was total bull shi**! But I fear for those who will be terrified by this kind of message.
    We’re all trying to cope with COVID 19 and you have people doing this.


    Be careful everyone and be sure to warn your friends and particularly elderly relatives and neighbours.

  8. I just received a call from 07830003714 .. informing me my NI number is being for illegal transactions and that i must immediately contact them to avoid arrest by pressing 1. I of course ignored the shameless scums of scammers!! Please beware I thought to write it so that the public will be cautious!!

  9. I’ve just had the exact same call. I pressed one. After all, what can that do? Spoke to a guy, some “officer” with an overseas accent, I could hear a lot of talking in the background, like a telesales place. He asked me what can he help me with and then hung up.
    I wasn’t going to give them any details, but was hoping to get more info about them. Just to add, they called from a private number.

    • Hi Ant, just saw your message March 6th about a scammer call – you pressed one. I just had the same thing and I pressed 1 as well, after all – what can they do? Have you had any more calls or anything else happen since?

  10. I have received a voicemail today and yesterday saying my assets will be seized and I wont be able to use my NI number. I have blocked both numbers: 07477203692 & 07497203210 and referred the time, date and numbers to HMRC phishing

    • Hi liv, it happened to me today and I pressed 1. What happened to you ? Is your phone still working ? Did they still any money from you

  11. I experienced same just now, recorded voice telling me that my NIN has been compromised and if I don’t press one, I will be facing legal actions, I pressed one and the voice kept repeating same message till it hung off

  12. I just received the a call from 02618520330 I did press 1 the was a guy who answered he asked me to confirm my name and address I refused. I knew it was a scam the background noise I said to him nice try he said fuck off

  13. I got a similar call today and was asked to press 1, when it connected to operator he asked me how he could help and when I told him that I was the one who was called he cut the phone.

    Stupid question but pressing 1 can’t allow someone to hack into your phone right?

      • I had a call this afternoon from 07848732300, I also pressed 1 to give them abuse but they hung up. Now I’m worried I’ll be charged for a premium rate call…

    • They can access details of your phone banking if you use it and any online transactions (I have no idea how), any site you have been on to make a payment or order online they can access your payment details and personal details also. I had to to take advise from the police, they advised to contact bank which I did but ended up having to change my account number and details through bank and they kept my old account open to watch for fraud. I’d definitely contact your bank and let them know, Better to be safe than sorry

  14. Have had numerous calls from the following Vodafone numbers;
    07979 022102
    07979 022133
    07979 022320

    All for fraudulent NI Claims press 1. Got fed up so I actually pressed 1 to tell the people what I think of them. Man with a foreign accent answered and I told him to remove me from the list and he told me he will take my number and put it in my a$$! LOL. Told him that was a good one and he hung up.

  15. I’ve had couple of phone calls from Peter Jones 0789444103 saying NIN has been compromised And I’m getting done for money laundering it’s made me physically sick I can’t sleep the dirty scumbags

  16. Really!! an automated darlek voice saying your NI number has been compromised sounds legit without providing any detail. Press 1 to talk to Bangalore call centre…..

  17. The same happened to me this afternoon, telephone number 07948066399,
    did not press 1, be aware folks, I don’t know how they got my number though.

  18. I had a call about ni i pressed 1 all i could hear is lots of noise and then hung up the number is 07554096599

  19. 02079708581. I live in West Yorkshire. They have moved beyond Gelding. This was threatening arest and my assets ceased if I did not press one. I laughed and did not press one

  20. Had two calls from two numbers knew straight away it was a scam. I feel for those who have pressed 1 and I’ve read that some people are really worrying it’s terrible how these horrible people can get away with this. These are the numbers that called me 07885944821 and 07895946194

  21. Just had said phone call so i mpressed 1 said “I had a call off you and I’m so scared what can I do” the woman with an American voice said “oh my god ” then she put the phone down on me, obviously she did not want to play my game . The phone num was 07793 846846 and 07866 719462.

  22. I press one just to see who picks up. It is a guy with a foreign accent who has a typical name like “Mark” or “Gary” and says some complicated stuff. My mom has always told me that HMRC always write to you if something is dodgy.

  23. Of course I pressed 1 today.
    Only to say few kind words like go f**k yourself.
    That’s doesn’t just and make you feel better.
    I do highly recommend to press one and have some laugh.

  24. I have a lot of call with a voice message say that my Ni number has been compromised and asking to press 1 or I will suffer the consequences’ the call I get is from a number 07742 157 and the last digits are different every time’ i have tried to call the Fraud office to let them know but try and get through to them is a more of a task to let them know sooo!

  25. Just a thing to mention. Three of my colleagues and myself all received these calls within a few days of each other.

    We noticed they seem to use the prefix of your own number. So for example if your number was 12345 678 901,. We noticed the number always started with 12345 67x XXX.

  26. Seems the criminals have expanded their repertoire.

    I recently received an automated call telling me of an impending payment from my account of several thousand pounds, together with the instruction, “press 1, to confirm; press 2 to cancel”.

    Without doubt, had I pressed either, I would have been speaking live to a crook, who would then have attempted to inveigle me into revealing my card details.

    Instead, I hung up and went online to check my accounts. There were no unauthorised withdrawals.

  27. I just received the automated NI security issue call.

    • I don’t recognise the number = potential scam.

    • I believe our NI numbers are not linked to anything online – I checked by entering my NI number in Google, nothing, I then added ‘National Insurance Number’ before it and found:

    • The number used to call me was identical to mine except the last 3 digits, which is too coincidental to be legit.

    • Lot’s of love and kisses to all and ‘whatever’ to scammers.


  28. I was awoken by 2 calls from different numbers, I pressed 1 to be met with a scammer who I decided to give a right old earful to. It is a scam, especially when you are half awake and not fully conscious yet it could be dangerous.
    Watch out for these calls, they will never call your mobile for situations such as these

  29. I got the same call then pressed 1 but they hung up when I press 1, I didn’t talk to anybody.
    The number called is 7955306102
    Could they do any harm to me because I pressed 1?

  30. had the same call the number was 07875 536549 and im local to carmarthen in wales so they must be getting desperate either way i wasnt having any of it and hung up

  31. Of course I pressed 1 (knowing it was a scam).

    Told the guy that the call was being monitored and recorded for security purposes and introduced myself as Sarah from the nation fraud detection helpline.

    I’m left quite upset that he didn’t want to talk to me and put the phone down.

  32. I have been so worried about this voicemail from the northern Welsh border. My message said pretty much same, and that I needed to press 1 to connect to the relevant department to stop proceedings regarding my name a national insurance number? I very nearly pressed 1 but just didn’t feel legitimate. I am so glad I looked into it and seems I am one of very many people to have received this scam mail. Stay safe everyone and tell as many people as you can to stop these people taking ours and our families derails and hard earned money.


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