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Wad of cash found hidden down trousers of disqualified driver stopped and searched by police in Arnold


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Police found a large quantity of cash hidden down the trousers of a driver they stopped in Arnold.

Gedling Operation Reacher were out on patrol on Coppice Road when a Kia Sportage caught their attention.

Officers got behind the vehicle and pulled it over on Rolleston Drive.

The driver, after initially giving false details, then admitted to not having any insurance.

It then became apparent when his details came back that he was a disqualified driver.

A search of him also discovered a bundle of cash hidden down the front of his trousers.

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police said: “A large quantity of cash being hidden from cops might mean it hasn’t been earned legitimately so we arrested the driver.

“The driver has been charged with driving whilst disqualified and for driving with no insurance and will appear at court.

“He remains under investigation on suspicion of possessing criminal property whilst cops try and establish where the money has come from.

The Kia was seized and taken to the police compound.

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