Demolition of garages and new taxi office amongst planning applications in Gedling borough this week

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Plans to demolish garages and build a new taxi office are among the planning applications that have been made this week across Gedling borough

Every week dozens of planning applications are submitted to the council – and the coronavirus pandemic has not changed that.

Here is the list of applications that have been submitted and validated by Gedling Borough Council in the last week.

Visit the council site HERE the links below to find out more and to have your say…


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Two Storey Side Extension

363 Coppice Road Arnold NG5 7HH

Ref. No: 2020/1336

Demolish existing garages and erect triple garage

241 Mansfield Road Arnold NG5 8LS

Ref. No: 2020/1267

Demolish existing conservatory and construct new single storey rear extension

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12 Willbert Road Arnold Nottinghamshire NG5 8ED

Ref. No: 2020/1219PN

Extension to front of existing dwelling, dropped kerb, pavement crossover and new drive

99 Ramsey Drive Arnold NG5 6QP

Ref. No: 2020/1214

Proposed fascia sign and projecting sign

1st Class Nails & Pedicure 108 Front Street Arnold Nottinghamshire NG5 7EG

Ref. No: 2020/1119

Workshop/shed to rear of property

27 George Street Arnold NG5 6LP

Ref. No: 2020/1073 


Single storey side extension.

19 Sidlaw Rise Bestwood NG5 9PU

Ref. No: 2020/1240

Retention of games room outbuilding in the rear garden

57 Jermyn Drive Bestwood NG5 9PN

Ref. No: 2020/1233

Single storey rear extension (orangery) to existing dwelling

4 Cairngorm Drive Bestwood NG5 9PY

Ref. No: 2020/1208

Single storey rear extension

23 Farm Road Arnold NG5 7JY

Ref. No: 2020/1197

Oak (T1) – Reduce overextended limb by 4m to reduce risk of limb failing

11 Pavilion Road Bestwood NG5 8NL

Ref. No: 2020/1196TPO

Burton Joyce

Non-material amendment to planning permission 2019/0876 – alterations to plant room size and layout

1 Lendrum Court Burton Joyce Nottinghamshire NG14 5BB

Ref. No: 2020/1269NMA

Demolition of existing detached single garage and erection of new triple garage with office space above.

141 Lambley Lane Burton Joyce NG14 5BN

Ref. No: 2020/1246 

Application for Change of use and part demolition of existing Barn to form single large dwelling along with associated garage parking, amenities, and boundary treatments.

Land To The Rear 106 Bridle Road Burton Joyce NG14 5FP

Ref. No: 2020/1236

Single storey outbuilding

8 Cragmoor Road Burton Joyce Nottinghamshire NG14 5AR

Ref. No: 2020/1203


Erection of porch.

7 Labray Road Calverton NG14 6LD

Ref. No: 2020/1260

Proposed two storey rear annex & balcony

Sansom Wood Farm Cottage Old Rufford Road Calverton NG14 6NW

Ref. No: 2020/1241 

Single storey rear extension

1 Oxton Road Calverton NG14 6NU

Ref. No: 2020/1205

Erection of dwelling

15 Paddock Close Calverton NG14 6GJ

Ref. No: 2020/1159


Single storey rear extension and change roof from hip to gable and erect rear dormer 

152 Standhill Road Carlton NG4 1JW

Ref. No: 2020/1278 

Retain pitched roof to existing garage.

168 Carlton Hill Carlton NG4 1FN

Ref. No: 2020/1263

Outline planning application for erection of two storey dwelling (all matters reserved except access)

14 Vernon Avenue Carlton NG4 3FX

Ref. No: 2020/1239

Single storey rear extension with basement.

70 Buxton Avenue Carlton NG4 3RS

Ref. No: 2020/1262

Two storey side extension, front porch and conversion of hipped roof to gable end

23 Marwood Crescent Carlton NG4 3PW

Ref. No: 2020/1257

Construction of 22 No. residential apartments

Site Of Highclere Lodge 73 Burton Road Carlton Nottinghamshire

What building projects are taking place on your doorstep?

Ref. No: 2020/1254

Single storey rear extension – (pitched roof alteration)

177 Oakdale Road Carlton NG4 1AB

Ref. No: 2020/1242

Ramping and new wall to front garden

52 Southdale Road Carlton Nottinghamshire NG4 1EX

Ref. No: 2020/1227

Single storey front extension

27 Spindle View Calverton NG14 6HF

Ref. No: 2020/1168


Proposed change of use of part of Unit 5 from B1/B2/B8 to a mix of B1/B2/B8 and A3

Quayside Court Colwick Quays Business Park Road No 2 Colwick Nottingham NG4 2JR

Ref. No: 2020/1234


Change of use of first floor office to taxi office

First Floor Offices Daybrook Square Showroom Nottingham Road Daybrook Nottinghamshire NG5 6AA

Ref. No: 2020/0990 


Single storey side and two-storey rear extension (amendment to planning permission 2018/0612).

24 Lowdham Road Gedling NG4 4JP

Ref. No: 2020/1259 

Render to front and part of north elevation.

18 Grange View Road Gedling NG4 4BT

Ref. No: 2020/1258

Detached garden room

19 Blackthorn Close Gedling NG4 4AU

Ref. No: 2020/1238



Erection of single storey and two storey extensions to side and rear

96 Plains Road Mapperley NG3 5RH

Ref. No: 2020/1265 

Modifications to Garden Access Stairs and Patio Fall Prevention Safety Measures.

31A Digby Avenue Mapperley NG3 6DS

Ref. No: 2020/1253

Retrospective change of use of land to garden land and erection of fence

Land Adjacent To 41 Clovelly Drive Mapperley NG3 5NJ

Ref. No: 2020/1160


Provision of fencing around the perimeter of the application site (Unit 1), installation of entrance gate and additional tree planting in the existing grass verge at the entrance to the application site.

Land Off Teal Close Netherfield Nottinghamshire

Ref. No: 2020/1167


Works to trees as per Tree Report.

Moor Pond Wood Moor Road Papplewick Nottinghamshire

Ref. No: 2020/1273TPO

Construction of a two storey rear extension with new first floor windows to the side elevation

20 Main Street Papplewick NG15 8FD

Ref. No: 2020/1245

Single Storey Extensions and Attached Garage

Vincent Lodge Forest Lane Papplewick NG15 8FG

Ref. No: 2020/1243

Works to Ash and Oak trees.

Moor Pond Wood Moor Road Papplewick Nottinghamshire

Ref. No: 2020/1199TPO5 


Single Storey Rear Extension

39 Nottingham Road Ravenshead NG15 9HG

Ref. No: 2020/1235

Single Storey Extensions to Front & Rear of Garage with change of use of the garage to an embroidery/sewing business (use class E)

14 Lea Road Ravenshead NG15 9EG

Ref. No: 2020/1222


Single storey rear extension, Flat roof with Proposed lantern light and proposed roof light on existing rear extension. Internal and external modifications. Removal of existing rear garden fence. Retaining wall and associated fence to be built on true boundary with returns each side as per the drawing

6 Derry Drive Redhill NG5 8RT

Ref. No: 2020/1045


Reduce Maple by 2m (T1); Reduce Silver Birch by 2m (T2); Reduce Cherry by 1m (T3); Fell Hawthorn (T4); Remove 2x lower limbs of Hawthorn (T5); Reduce Malpe by 2m (T6) and reduce Silver Birch by 2m (T7 and T8) 

161D Main Street Woodborough NG14 6DD

Ref. No: 2020/1264TCA

Repollard multi-stem Sycamore tree

34 Main Street Woodborough NG14 6EA

Ref. No: 2020/1268TCA

Oak tree – Reduce in height by 25-30%, 2-3 metres.

21 Park Avenue Woodborough Nottinghamshire NG14 6EB

Ref. No: 2020/1251TPO

Replacement front porch and approach steps, and over cladding of existing garage

25A Main Street Woodborough NG14 6EA

Ref. No: 2020/1211


New guest annex extension to dwelling

2 Plains Grove Woodthorpe NG3 5QU

Ref. No: 2020/1291 

Single storey rear and side extension.

13 Arno Vale Road Woodthorpe NG5 4JH

Ref. No: 2020/1261

Change of use required from cafe (Class E) to beauty salon for aesthetics (sui generis)

1 Wensley Road Woodthorpe NG5 4JW

Ref. No: 2020/1225

Double storey side extension, single storey rear extension and loft conversion with rear dormer

50 Patterdale Road Woodthorpe Nottinghamshire NG5 4LQ

Ref. No: 2020/1226

Erection of a single storey rear extension, erection of external staircase, relocation of an existing storage container, erection of a shed and construction of a new boundary wall

Parker House Private Nursing Home 6 Albemarle Road Woodthorpe NG5 4FE

Ref. No: 2020/1103

Single storey rear extension 8.3m wide, 4.3m deep with cantilevered flat roof extending out 6.10m from rear of property.

13 Arno Vale Road Woodthorpe Nottinghamshire NG5 4JH

Ref. No: 2020/1109PN

Installation of new MRI suite, fire exit door and quench pipe

Nottingham Woodthorpe Hospital 748 Mansfield Road Woodthorpe Nottinghamshire NG5 3FZ

Ref. No: 2020/1096


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