Covid: Latest Government data worst hit areas in Gedling borough over seven-day period

 Covid: Latest Government data worst hit areas in Gedling borough over seven-day period

A government data map shows coronavirus cases by neighbourhood

The Government has again updated information revealing how many cases of coronavirus have been recorded in Gedling borough neighbourhoods over a seven-day period.

The data reveals that many parts of the borough have seen a decrease in the weekly period up until January 10.

But the biggest increase was 23 in Ravenshead

You can see the details for each Government-defined neighbourhood in the borough in the list below.

Seven–day rates are expressed per 100,000 population and are calculated by dividing the seven day count by the area population and multiplying by 100,000.

Arnold Town

Total cases – 17 a decrease of 9 (34.6%)

Rolling rate is 279.2

Bestwood Village

Total cases – 41 an increase of 4 (10.8%)

Rolling rate is 677.6

Burton Joyce and Lambley

Total cases – 21 a decrease of 1 (4.3%)

Rolling rate is 353.7

Calverton & Woodborough

Total cases – 35 a decrease of 8 (-18.6%)

Rolling rate is 371.7

Infections are on the rise in most areas


Total cases – 64 an increase of 17 (36.2%)

Rolling rate is 630.2

Carlton Hill

Total cases – 37 a decrease of 15 (-28.8%)

Rolling rate is 520.6


Total cases – 23 a decrease of -17 (-42.5%)

Rolling rate is 334.9

Gedling North

Total cases – 45 a decrease of 13 (-22.4%)

Rolling rate is 560.1

Gedling South

Total cases – 46 a decrease of 5

Rolling rate is 513.3

Mapperley & Porchester

Total cases – 33 a decrease of 10 (23.3%)

Rolling rate is 378.7

Netherfield & Colwick

Total cases – 34 an increase of 2 (6.2%)

Rolling rate is 445.6

Ravenshead & Newstead (Including Linby and Papplewick)

Police release CCTV images of women suspected of shoplifting spree at Victoria Retail Park in Netherfield

Total cases – 45 which is an increase of 23 (104.5%)

Rolling rate is 542.6


Total cases – 30 an increase of 1 (3.4%)

Rolling rate – 419.1

Woodthorpe & Arno Vale

Total cases – 23 a decrease of 11 (-32.4%)

Rolling rate is 228.9


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