Colwick Country Park
PICTURED: A photo posted on social media showed a gathering in Colwick Country Park (Photo used with permission)

Sunshine and heat above 20 degrees only brings one thing to mind, and that is pub gardens. But what do you do when you’re in the middle of a pandemic?

Young people across Nottingham have been flocking to their local parks to make the most of the first glimpse of summer.

This has been met with some controversy, with spectators complaining over what they’ve thought to be reckless behaviour.

People reacted angrily in Gedling Eye about scenes at Colwick Country Park.

However, as someone part of this demographic, I’ve seen just how vital this has been to improve mental wellbeing after such a tough year.

Many of us are away from our families so our only support network our friends and flatmates.

When the sun is shining and the mood is high, it’s only natural that groups are going to gather outside.

From what I have seen, people were social distancing and following Covid rules, however as a result of the large groups it’s understandable why onlookers would believe otherwise.

I think students are often misjudged as irresponsible and have been used as a scapegoat throughout the pandemic, yet this really isn’t the truth.

There are always going to be the odd couple who do take things too far and who don’t follow the rules, but this is just a small minority.

Nottingham students do care about keeping themselves and others safe, however we also want to be able to enjoy ourselves and not have our youth stolen away from us.

While many do not agree, the new easing of restrictions means that the gatherings weren’t actually doing any harm.

University students pay tens of thousands of pounds for the duration of their degree, and this year have paid the same amount to be stuck inside and neglected by the government who have offered us little guidance or compensation for the disruption to our studies.

Having a day in the park with a few drinks is a way to safely have a certain sense of normality and boost morale to push through the final weeks of term.



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