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Courier scam warning to online sellers in borough


People in Gedling borough selling items online are falling victim to a new type of advance fee fraud, say scam busters Action Fraud.

The latest scam involves a fraudster – posing as a buyer – sending an email to the online seller (victim) which states they are prepared to pay the full asking price of the item they are trying to sell.

They state that they are unable to collect the item themselves and will arrange for a courier to pick it up instead.

The fraudster then sends a fake payment confirmation email from a different email address, one which falsely purports to be from a payment platform like PayPal.

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In the course of the email exchange, a request is sent to the seller to pay the courier fee. Once the payment is made then contact is broken, the item is not picked up and the money paid for the “courier” is gone.

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An example of the most recent emails received by a victim/seller, from the ‘buyer’, read:

“I want you to consider this a deal as i am (sic) willing to pay your full asking price! i actually want to buy it for a family member who is urgently in need of it, i have checked through your posting and i’m fully satisfied with it. Unfortunately, i would not be able to come personally to view/collect, i work offshore as an instructor on a oil rig so i dont have time at all, but like i said i am 100% OK with the advert”

A spokesman for Action Fraud said: “Be wary when buyers wish to purchase items at the full asking price without viewing them. Check the validity of the payment receipt confirmation.

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“Avoid paying an advanced fee if you are a seller; should you choose to use a courier, arrange your own.

Always check feedback online by searching the associated phone numbers or email addresses of the seller or buyer. Feedback will give you useful information about recent transactions other buyers and sellers have made.”

If you, or anyone you know, have been affected by this fraud or any other scam, report it to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040 or visiting

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  1. Had a male called “mark” message me on gumtree about some expensive warhammer booked I have for sale for £160. No haggling just sent me an email of an Ann Giles. Emailed the lady. She’s making out she’s sick and can’t collect them and they are for her son. Blah blah blah scam talk. Wants to send a Courier to collect the items. Beware

  2. My old age pensioner friend has just sold some chairs on Facebook Marketplace and the buyer paid the money into his bank account, but wants to send a courier for those chairs as he lives very far… I feel and I know it is a scam but my old friend thinks that the buyer is a nice fella and will have no problem. The courier will collect the items in 2 days… I don’t know what to do to protect him

  3. I have an item on sake on FB marketplace and have had 2 similar scams tried on me. Easterneuropean sounding names, both women explaining very nicely hiw this courier service works. One was a false UPS email, which I spotted immediately to be fake asking me to pay £46 insurance to them. Both women very pushy, wanted it all hurried along. I told them both no deal and blocked them on FB.

  4. Wasn’t a woman called oksana was it? I’ve got one now attempting to buy from me saying she’ll send a courier with cash plus his insurance charge

  5. For Info : I’ve had a similar experience yesterday (6.6.23) from a Marcin Teo Cinek. Supposedly UPS pick up and for me to pay insurance. Beware!

  6. Just happened to me, twice, on Facebook Marketplace. Fortunately I knew of this scam and when I declined and stated I was aware of the scam, they deleted their posts and their ‘account’ too. They don’t like it when they get caught out!

  7. Same here
    Selling a suite….no haggle on price
    Will send a courier with cash???
    Courier will collect furniture….unpacked I don’t think so!

  8. I have someone wanting to buy my couch set. Not seen, not tried out. They said that as they were too busy, they were sending Purolator with cash to pay me and would pick up the couch set then. I called Purolator to see if this is something that people do. They said no, usually people send e-transfers, and that I would need a shipping label.
    I am waiting to see what happens, how this pans out. I wont be paying any “insurance” or anything, but hoping that they will come through for me, and keep my faith in humanity! 🙂 lol
    Hoping that they can’t do anything with my phone number and address though :/


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