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No bongs for Brexit: Notts leader turns down Gedling councillor’s request for Council House bell to ring as UK leaves EU on January 31

The leader of Nottingham City Council has turned down a request from Gedling councillor Sam Smith for the Nottingham Council House bell to ring and mark the moment the UK leaves the EU.

A letter was sent today to David Mellen, who leads Nottingham City Council, calling for Little John to ring at 11pm on January 31 as the UK leaves the EU and marks the beginning of Brexit.


In the letter Mr Smith wrote:

He wrote: “Overall, Nottinghamshire, including Nottingham City, voted 57.9% in favour of leaving the EU and whether you personally voted to leave or remain, you cannot deny that leaving the EU marks a momentous change in direction for the UK and deserves to be recognised.

“As Nottingham City is the historic centre of the County of Nottinghamshire, I think it would be appropriate for the bell of Little John of the Council House to ring out at 11:00pm on Friday, January 31 to mark this historic moment.”

But the council leader has said the chimes will stop at 10.30pm as usual.

He said: “The bell chimes up until 10.30pm every day to protect nearby residents from disturbance through the night. Brexit has the ability to divide our community and for the many people who would support this, there are many who would not.

“Nottingham is, and always has been, an inclusive city and we prefer to focus our energy on doing things that unite those who live, work and visit here. We have no plans to chime the bell at 11pm on January 31.”

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  1. It would be good if they ckhidk stop the frekin bell chiming at 4 am it’s woken me up throughout the night for days

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