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‘Too early’ for decision on dog ban at park’s new visitors’ centre says Gedling Borough Council


Gedling Borough Council has said it’s ‘too early’ to make a decision on whether to ban dogs from the new visitors’ centre at Gedling Country Park despite claims online that pooches wouldn’t be welcome.

Residents took to the Streetlife Carlton forum earlier in the week to voice their anger at claims the council had already decided to ban dogs from the new centre and café when they open to the public in the Spring.

But today Gedling Borough Council leader John Clarke told Gedling Eye that a decision hasn’t yet been made.

He said: “In relation to whether or not we will allow dogs into the visitors’ centre at Gedling Country Park it is, at this time, too early to a reach a decision on this.

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“Our plan is to have the Visitors’ Centre open next spring, and we will be discussing exactly how the café will operate in due course with our commercial operator.

“We will certainly be allowing guide dogs and their owners to fully use the facilities but the question about general access to dogs with their owners is still to be discussed.

He added: “Our ambition and plan is to make Gedling Country park a real destination venue, and with its spectacular views and facilities we feel we will achieve just that.”

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Earlier in the week some residents shared the news online that a decision had already been reached.

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Patrick M wrote: “There is a proposal to build a visitor centre and café at Gedling Country Park (hurrah) but I have been told that these facilities will NOT be dog friendly.

“I have made a complaint about this to Gedling Borough Council as I believe it to be a short sighted policy hiding behind “health and safety”.

“If you are a dog walker in the park, or indeed if you are not but agree with me, make your feelings heard by emailing the council.”

Sarah W didn’t agree that dogs should be allowed.

She wrote: “I think facilities such as cafes and eateries are vital nowadays for income and ‘customer service’ but am quite against animals being inside places where people are consuming food, unless guide dog etc.

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“I hear people who say ‘well my dog is small and wouldn’t bother anyone’ but it’s either all or nothing (dog or no dog), and I don’t want a big muddy dog pushing up against me while I’m enjoying afternoon tea which will be the case once the weather sets in.

“An outdoor serving hatch and heated patio type area should be the way forward for dog walkers.

Kate J agreed. She wrote: “The cafe/cabin at Woodthorpe [Park] isn’t dog friendly either but that’s never put people with dogs off from using it. “Dog walkers are hardy people and are used to being outdoors, I don’t see a problem if there is going to be a hatch and outdoor seating. Maybe a little heater would be nice though”

Teresa W wanted dogs to be able to be allowed in the new centre.

She wrote: “Most country pubs allow dogs in and there aren’t any ‘health and safety’ issues. Ridiculous.”

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