Consultation underway to see if wider selective licensing scheme for private landlords is needed after successful trial in Netherfield

 Consultation underway to see if wider selective licensing scheme for private landlords is needed after successful trial in Netherfield

Gedling Borough Council has launched a consultation to see if a selective licensing scheme for private landlords is needed in wider areas after a successful trial in Netherfield

The scheme will make it mandatory for landlords to have licences for each of their private rented properties.

It was successfully piloted in Netherfield and the consultation is asking for views to expand it to Colwick, Carlton Hill, Daybrook and Newstead Village.

The licence requires that landlords meet a minimum standard of accommodation for residents. 

The council will work with landlords and residents to improve the area but where necessary use the licensing conditions and enforcement powers to bring about improvements.

Selective Licensing can be applied in areas where there is deprivation, high levels of antisocial behaviour, high levels of crime, high levels of migration and poor housing conditions.

The licensing will give the council’s Environmental Health team powers to do more when landlords are not taking steps to deal with issues relating to property standards.


The pilot scheme in Netherfield was a success with 662 landlords applying for a licence. Over 86% of properties inspected by the council were found to contain hazards that required work to protect the health and safety of the tenant. 32 properties inspected had imminent hazards around areas such as fire safety and inadequate fire protection or detection, which all required immediate action.

The scheme also improved partnership working with Gedling Borough Council and Nottinghamshire Police to reduce anti-social behaviour and make residents feel safer where they live. Two landlords received civil penalty notices for failing to apply for a licence. 

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Consultation on the new scheme will take place between October and January 2021 and, if approved, would not be implemented until mid 2021 and could be affected by the situation regarding the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Landlords and residents can have their say by visiting 

Leader of Gedling Borough Council, Councillor John Clarke said: “We are opening up a 12-week consultation on plans to expand on the success of the selective licencing scheme in Netherfield.

“The scheme has been very successful so far and has raised the living standards of many residents living in privately rented accommodation. We want residents’ views on expanding this scheme to other areas that have similar issues with poor property conditions. 

We want to create safer communities for our residents and reduce hardship and inequality and this scheme will help contribute towards that ambition. We also want to reduce anti-social behaviour and fear of crime and we have seen this happen during the pilot scheme in Netherfield.”


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