Co op bags for life

Co-op stores in Gedling borough will today begin removing their ‘bags for life’ from sale.

The bags are expected to be gone completely by the end of the summer, once stock runs out.

Jo Whitfield, chief executive of Co-op Food, said: “Increased use of bags for life has led to a sharp rise in plastic use.

Netherfield co-op
PICTURED: The Co-op store on Netherfield (PHOTO: Neil Slack Photography)

“With over 1.5 billion bags sold each year by retailers, this remains a massive issue for our industry as many shoppers are regularly buying so-called bags for life to use just once and it’s leading to a major hike in the amount of plastic being produced.”

Supermarket rival Morrisons also announced it would remove all ‘bags for life’ in favour of tougher tear-resistant paper bags.

The Co-op is now calling for ‘greater transparency’ around the tracking of the impact of the carrier bag levy.

Ms Whitfield said: “We believe that it should be mandatory for all retailers to report on the sales of all of their reusable bags, not just single-use bags.

“Right now, Co-op is the only major retailer to report on all of the bags it sells. This policy would enable a fuller understanding on the impact of the levy and its true effect on shopping behaviours when customers are making decisions at the tills.”

The price of single-use plastic bags will double next month to 10p.



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