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Carlton supermarket collects Christmas gift donations for needy kids


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Supermarket staff in Carlton are teaming up with a refugee charity to collect Christmas donations for children.  

Tesco Superstore is working with the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum (NNRF) to gather gifts for refugee kids.  

A donation bucket has been organised with a list of items shoppers can donate to less fortunate kids.  

The initiative will run until November 30 at Carlton Tesco in Carlton Hill.  

The fundraising was started by local Gedling resident Helen Auld, who started collecting Christmas boxes after coming across a negative Facebook post talking about the local community. 

She said: “I do something every Christmas for a different cause but nothing like on the scale of what I am doing this year. It got big very quickly. 

“This year I saw a negative post about local schools’ collective feedback for refugee children. And it was quite a negative post. 

“And that kind of spurred me to think ‘Well, this year I am going to collect gifts for the children and for the refugee forum.” 

The 40-year-old mum also said she was overwhelmed by the generosity of the local community, which inundated her with gift boxes. 

PICTURED: Tesco Superstore in Carlton

She said: “It is crazy. I cannot thank the people of Gedling enough. 

“I currently have 180 bucks to fill. 

“I had to put together a spreadsheet to keep on top.” 

“It has been positively overwhelming.”  

The huge support by Gedling residents was noted by Debra Davenport-Neathley, Community Champion at Carlton Tesco, who – after seeing Helen’s post – decided to support the good cause in any way she could. 

She said: “I have only just recently taken over [as Community Champion]. I have just done a community page for Tesco through the Gedling Community Facebook Page. 

“I saw Helen’s posts about the donation and what she is doing. 

“People were dropping boxes to her house so I suggested ‘why don’t we have somewhere in Tesco where people can drop off their donations’.” 

Debra, like Helen, was impressed by the kindness of the community. She said people stop to ask what the boxes are for, and they arrange for gifts to be donated. 

The Tesco Community Champion also said that the donation box will be in Carlton Tesco until November 30, but chances are it will be extended if needed. 

She said she hopes to spread the word even further through the dedicated Facebook page where people can see how the local Tesco is helping the community through different initiatives. 

She added: “I had an idea to put a sticker on the window about supporting our community that says, ‘Many hearts, one community’ and a tree with all hearts on. 

“People notice what we are doing, and they are supporting us.” 

Debbie Royle, deputy director at the NNRF said: “We get a lot of groups and organisations that want to fundraise for us. 

“We do things like the gift boxes because we work with so many families with young children. 

“The gift boxes are just brilliant for them.” 

If you want to donate, make sure to visit Tesco Superstore at 2 Carlton Hill this week 

Make sure to follow https://www.facebook.com/Supporting-our-community-Tesco-Carlton-105245425315207. 

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