Carlton rotary club gears up to spread festive cheer with Christmas float

 Carlton rotary club gears up to spread festive cheer with Christmas float
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Father Christmas will be coming to town on the Rotary Club of Carlton’s Christmas Float.

The tour aims to start at 6:00pm and finish at 8:30pm on each day.

Organisers say they may not get to every road listed as it is is dependent on the weather, volunteers and road conditions.

A spokesman for the Rotary Club of Carlton said: “Do come and see us. Children are welcome to have their picture taken with Santa but please do not let them climb on the sleigh.

“We will be collecting for Rotary charities and supporting local causes in your area.”

This year’s programme of dates and times are as follows:

December 5


Orlando Drive, Blackhill Drive, Ranmoor Road, Duncroft Avenue, Tennyson Avenue, Vernon Avenue, Station Road and Conway Road.

December 7


Hotspur Drive, Spray Close, Vale Road, Candle Meadow, First Avenue, Valeside Gardens, Mile End Road and Crosslands Meadow

December 9

Westdale Lane area

Imperial Avenue, Adbolton Avenue, Priory Road, Third Avenue, Hardy’s Drive, Albert Street, Burlington Road, Chatsworth Avenue, Westdale Crescent, Ramsdale Road, Oxford Street, Cambridge Street

December 10

Parkdale Road, Eastdale Road, Rosedale Road, Greendale Road, Dovedale Road, Middledale Road, Cliff Road, Avondale Road, Oakdale Road, Kirkdale Road, Langdale Road, Trentdale Road

December 11

Porchester Road area

Standhill Road, Daisy Road, Florence Road, Morley Road, Norman Road, Forester Road, Cherrywood Gardens, Briarwood Avenue, Galena Drive, Honeywood Drive and Bramble Drive.

December 12

Gedling area

Shearing Hill, Brooklands Drive, Coronation Road, Florence Road, Stoke Lane, Beaumaris Drive Estate

December 14

Westdale Lane area

Northcliffe Avenue, Kenrick Road, Roseleigh Avenue, Fernleigh Avenue, Marshall Hill Drive, Oakleigh Avenue, Bleinheim Avenue, Elmhurst Avenue, Newstead Drive, South Devon Avenue and Gardenia Grove

December 16


Tesco to First Avenue, Worth Street, Beck Street, Rushcliffe Avenue, Carnarvon Grove, Kenia Close, Gladstone Street, Chesterfield Street, Foxhill Road, Ivy Grove, Forester Grove, Campbell Drive and Cavendish Road.

December 17

Gedling area

Avon Road, Lorimer Avenue, Jessops Lane, George View Road, Oaktree Drive, Willow Road, Yew Tree Lane, Green Farm Lane, Almond Walk, Jayne Close and Field Close.

December 18


Albert Avenue, Frederick Avenue, Daleview Road, Brooklands Road, Jarvis Avenue, Watson Avenue, Bakerdale Road, Sunnydale Road, Eastdale Road, Swains Avenue, Bentley Avenue and Whites Avenue

December 19

Burton Joyce

Padleys Lane, Foxhill Road, Willow Wong, Orchard Close, Main Street, Chesterfield Drive, Gordon Road, Wellington Road and Criftin Road

December 21

Top of Westdale Lane

Southview Road, Violet Road, Glendale Close, Lascelles Avenue, Welbeck Avenue, Thoresby Avenue, Perlethorpe Avenue, Besecar Avenue and Roslyn Avenue.

December 23


First Avenue, Prospect Road First Avenue, Second Avenue, Cornhill Road, Mayfield Road, Highfield Drive, Third Avenue, Foxhill Road, Fraser Road, Fraser Square, Hillview Road and Ernest Road.


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