Carlton Station
PICTURED: Carlton Station (PHOTO: Gedling Eye)

Passengers have hit out at plans to axe a direct train from Carlton to the Peak District.

Following a recent consultation, East Midlands Railway has taken the decision to remove the service which runs from Carlton Station to Matlock from the timetable.

For years, passengers have been able to get a direct service into the Peak District seven days a week. But from May, those looking to take a trip into the Derbyshire countryside will now have to take a train into Nottingham and change there.

Future plans by the railway franchise include running a direct service from Carlton to Stoke-on-Trent and Crewe instead.

Passengers at Carlton Station said they were upset by the decision.

PICTURED: A train leaving Carlton Station

Marion Field, from Gedling, said: “We’ve caught the train to Matlock as a family on a Saturday on many occasions. It’s a lovely ride into the Peaks and only takes around an hour.

“I don’t see why this has been scrapped. It’s a great reason to use the railway. I only use trains occasionally to get to work but we drive into the city at weekends as the station is too far away from the city centre.

“We’ll probably drive into the Peak District in the future now. It will be a real effort changing once or twice with two young children in tow. It is a shame as it could mean more cars driving into the Peak District.

Gary Maddocks lives in Carlton and called the move ‘ridiculous’.

“A few summers ago five of us caught the train from here to Matlock Bath for a few beers; it was a really great day out. We were planning to do it again this summer if the restrictions were lifted. I can’t see me persuading the lads to have a day out in Stoke instead!”

Netherfield resident Tina Knight said it was a ‘disgraceful decision’.

“I have young children and no car. We have used the train to Matlock a few times to get to Gulliver’s Kingdom. It was great having this on your doorstep.

“Children in Netherfield get very little access to green spaces and countryside. We have no bus to Gedling Country Park and all the parks and fields around here are being built on. Being able to just jump on a train to the Peak District was great and now its going. I hope they think of families around here and reconsider.”

Passenger Mike Thorpe said: “They want their heads examined. Matlock or Crewe? Doesn’t take a genius to work out where passengers would rather go.”

Carlton Station adopter Tony Cave is a volunteer who manages the station. He said the decision was ‘a great disappointment’.

He said: “From my observations a good number of passengers from Carlton travel long distances both at peak times and off peak, and the Matlock service is extremely popular.

“It will be a great disappointment to many that in future the service from Carlton will run to Stoke-on-Trent and Crewe instead, although this will be of benefit to others.

“We will still have the same number of trains to stations between Nottingham and Derby, these stations being well used by passengers from Carlton.

“Very few shoppers use the train to Nottingham as it is too far from the main shopping area, but at peak times those working in the station area do use the train as it saves them time and helps relieve congestion on the roads.

“After all, peak-time fares to Nottingham from our two stations are much more expensive than from other local stations, which precludes a lot using the train at peak time”

In the document about the consultation, an East Midlands Railway spokesman said: “Services from Carlton will no longer run through to Matlock, as this service will now terminate at Nottingham.

“The vast majority of passengers currently using this service from Carlton only travel
as far as Nottingham.”



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