Gourmet burgers now on the menu as new landlady takes the reins at Inn For A Penny pub in Carlton

 Gourmet burgers now on the menu as new landlady takes the reins at Inn For A Penny pub in Carlton

PICTURED: New landlady Sophie Shepherd outside the Inn For A Penny in Carlton

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The new landlady of a popular pub in Carlton is preparing to fling open its kitchen and serve up a selection of delicious gourmet burgers to customers.

Sophie Shepherd, who became the new landlady at the Inn For A Penny pub on Burton Road, has teamed up with Mapperley-based food business Nissi to launch the new burger menu at the venue, which launches this Wednesday (January 22).

The new offering is sure to please sports fans who flock to the pub each week to watch their favourite teams on the venue’s many screens.

Sophie told Gedling Eye: “I’m really excited about the launch. The kitchen here has not been open for a while so it’s really great to be able to offer food again.

“We have a big sports crowd come to the pub to watch Forest and other teams and we think our new gourmet burger menu will realy appeal to them.”

Nissi’s selection of gourmet burgers contain all homemade ingredients, with everything in the burger being made from scratch.

PICTURED: A selection of the burgers on offer from Nissi at Inn For A Penny

The gourmet burgers ‘with a twist’ include ‘The Hotty’, which includes, jalapenos, peppers and mushrooms cooked in a rich hot sauce. ‘The Italian’ is a Chicken thigh smothered in green pesto topped with mozzarella and sun dried tomatoes.

Vegans can tuck into the Popeye Pumpkin, which is a pumpkin and spinich burger topped with chilli jam and crispy onions or the Veggie Flower , made from Southern-fried cauliflower topped with jalapeños and sweet chilli sauce.

Kids are also catered for with a children’s burger menu also being introduced.

The new Nissi menu is available from Wednesday to Sunday and is served from 12pm until late.

The burger offer is just one of many plans Sophie has up her sleeve for the pub over the coming months. She also plans to introduce a food menu for senior citizens in the next few weeks and also a number of themed-nights which are sure to get the punters through the door.

She said: “I’m really excited to be taking over at The Penny. I’ve got so many ideas about what we can do. It’s going to be brilliant.”

You can find out more about the pub at their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/innforapennycarlton/

You can find out more about Nissi, who also offer a takeaway service at their twitter page: https://twitter.com/nissinottingham


  • Sorry Sophie. A burger is a burger is a burger. It’s minced up cheap meat unless you make them yourself . Now if it was a steak sandwich, that would be a different matter. Also surprisingly enough, Senior Citizens usually eat the same stuff as most people. It is so patronising to see menus labelled for Senior citizens. If you mean low cost or small portions, why not just have a low cost menu or a small portion menu for everyone? And please have proper chips, not those horrible extruded mash strips laughingly called fries as pictured.

    What might appeal to your older customers – and I don’t mean Senior citizens, please lose that appellation, would be puddings as we used to have them when we were all thin because we didn’t drive and could eat things like steamed jam pudding and custard without guilt. Form a “Pudding Club”.

    • I do not think you have been into inn for a penny and tried the burgers Ruth. If you had done you would see that they are made fresh every day with the best local minced beef. This is why Nissi is 5 star rated. Also why we have 18 years in the industry. Please do not be negative when you have not even tried the product.

    • Ruth you have definitely not tried these burgers! I visited Inn for a Penny last week to sample the new Nissi menu and omg I’ve never seen or tried burgers quite like it. Me being vegetarian and my partner being a meat eater there was such a choice and you can tell by looking and tasting the food it was all freshly made, not cheap frozen food that been microwaved. I would highly recommend these gourmet burgers and the Nissi menu as they do some great sides too! Yummy!

  • Ruth can I ask… have you tired the burgers? Because if you did you would see and taste that they are made by hand, everyday with the best local minced you’ll find. Please do not Judge before trying! This is the problem with the world. Negativity! You’ll also find Nissi has 18 years Experience in the highest quality that is regarding fresh food and kitchens that’s why we are five star rated.

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