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Gedling MP wants urgent meeting with Royal Mail bosses over delivery issues in Carlton area


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Gedling MP Tom Randall has called for an urgent meeting with the chief executive of Royal Mail over ‘ongoing issues’ with postal deliveries around the Carlton area.

Mr Randall shared an email he sent yesterday to Royal Mail on his Facebook account.

He said that he was calling for a meeting after residents contacted him about postal delivery issues in the Carlton area.

Mr Randall said: ” I know that this issue is a worry for many, particularly those waiting for medical appointments and with the busier Christmas period fast approaching.

“I have previously raised this issue with the Royal Mail but problems are continuing.

“I have e-mailed Royal Mail again today for an urgent meeting to discuss the problem and I will update residents after that meeting.”

In the email Mr Randall highlights issues at the Carlton Delivery Office.

In an email to Royal Mail chief executive Simon Thompson, Randall wrote: “I was assured these delays are due to short-term staff absences due to Covid and that post is being delivered every other day. This doesn’t match up with what I am being told by my constituents.”

Readers in the area have contacted Gedling Eye over the past few days about postal delivery problems.

Gail Wright’s father lives in Carlton and she said he was worried about the lack of deliveries in the area.

“Dad receives a lot of mail from close relatives abroad over Christmas and he’s worried that he might not get any of these letters. They make his Christmas.”

One resident, who didn’t wish to be named, said he was now turning to digital after tickets to a concert failed to arrive on time.

“You can get tickets emailed to you but I prefer them on paper as a souvenir. They didn’t turn up on time as we didn’t get a postal delivery for a few days. I’ll now have to download them to an app as you can’t trust the mail.”

Gedling Eye has contacted Royal Mail for a response.

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  1. This problem has been continuing for about a month now. Some delivered to me contains dated covers some eight or nine days from posting.
    I complained toRoyal mail when eight other neighbours were in the same boat . No response.
    Ken Boswell

  2. It is Thursday and have had no mail this week so far and not even one Christmas card, which worries me as usually have quite a few by this time.


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