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‘Uncaring and utterly unacceptable’: Councillor left ‘shocked’ by state of Carlton flats after mould and damp concerns were raised by residents

"The issues of damp and mould need dealing with once and for all."

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A Gedling councillor has said she was left ‘shocked’ by the state of some flats at a Carlton housing complex during a visit organised when mould and damp concerns were raised by residents.

Councillor Liz Clunie said she visited a number of properties at Foxhill Court, on Foxhill Road, and claims to have seen lots of examples of damp and mould which have not been dealt with despite complaints being made to Jigsaw Homes, who manage the properties.

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Councillor Clunie, who represents the Cavendish Ward on Gedling Borough Council, said there had also been complaints around vulnerable residents having access to laundry facilities cut by the housing provider.

“I was shocked to see some of the long-standing problems in residents’ flats,” Councillor Clunie said.

“The issues of damp and mould need dealing with once and for all. Cutting services at the same time as failing to deal with damp and mould issues in residents’ properties is uncaring and utterly unacceptable.

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She added: “Speaking to residents it is clear that cutting their access to laundry facilities is not acceptable.  I have asked Jigsaw Homes to reconsider and reverse their decision with immediate effect. 

PICTURED: Foxhill Court apartments on Foxhill Road (IMAGE: Google)

A spokesperson for Jigsaw Homes Midlands said they were ‘unaware’ of the issues that have been raised.

They told Gedling Eye: “We make sure that our most vulnerable and older residents at Foxhill Court have access to services that they need, including welfare checks, a scooter store, alarm systems and the laundry room, all of which is included in their service charge. 

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“These particular services are not routinely provided and therefore not paid for by more able and less vulnerable residents not in our housing for over 55s properties. However, if any resident feels they are not able to access the nearby alternative laundry facilities, we would be happy to speak to them about how we can help.

“Foxhill Court has recently undergone significant refurbishment and has had external wall insulation fitted. 

“We are not aware of any reports of damp but we will investigate this further. We always ask residents to report any issues to us straight away, and we are here to offer advice and to address any repairs needed as soon as possible.”

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  1. I complained about my mould problem and a repairs supervisor came to assess my property. Now 1 of my complaints was to do with the mould in my kitchen. As everyone now’s steam rises upwards and then heads to the nearest exit ie window or vent. Now the problem with our block of flats is the cooker is on 1 side and the vent is at a 45° angle near the window on the opposite side. So the steam hits a dead end causes damp and in time to mould. The supervisor said that all they were willing to do is put a new vent in and suggested that I buy an anti mould paint and do it myself.

  2. Jigsaw, what a joke, another company who just want the money and do bugger all for it. Unaware? What utter bull***t. They know alright but choose to do nothing. Keep creaming it in.
    At one time these were for the old folk who had pride and looked after them but typical of GBC they now fill them with any s***e, some right scum. Loud music, parties spilling onto the interconnecting balcony’s, throwing rubbish out the windows onto the fronts, drug dealing, smell of whacky baccy, you name it I’ve seen it as I walk by. A close friend of mine was one of the first to reside there whose since passed and he ended up frightened by what he saw and the filth that’s in their now..


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