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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

East Midlands Railway reveals plans for reinstating train services in Gedling borough


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East Midlands Railway (EMR) has today revealed plans to reinstate services in Gedling borough that were cancelled back in May of this year.

The timetable increase will be delivered in two stages, with the majority of services being reinstated from Monday, December 13. A second and slightly smaller increase will then be delivered from Monday, January 3, as customers return to work and education.

From January 3, EMR plans to increase Liverpool to Norwich services as well as further reinstatements between Crewe and Newark Castle, Leicester and Cleethorpes routes – which all run through the borough.

EMR has said that to help these service reinstatements, a small number of changes will be made on the Nottingham to Skegness route, which occasionally calls at Netherfield, during the Winter period to reflect the reduced passenger demand.

These changes will remain under review and arrangements will be made to either reinstate or supplement through strengthening during anticipated periods of strong passenger demand.

More services will be running to and from Carlton Station

Paul Barnfield, operations director at East Midlands Railway, said: “In recent months, a dedicated team has been working hard to improve the reliability and performance of our services to allow us to reinstate a number of our regional services.

“In doing so, we have aimed to prioritise services which have been the most requested by our customers and local stakeholders while also being careful to ensure our timetable is robust, reliable and as cost efficient to taxpayers as possible.

“These services will be reinstated in two stages either side of Christmas. This is an incremental and sensible approach to reinstating services at what is typically the quietest time of the year to travel. As such, I would ask customers to check their journeys between December 13 and January 3 before setting off, by visiting www.eastmidlandsrailway.co.uk.”

Full details can be found below and on EMR’s website here https://www.eastmidlandsrailway.co.uk/amended-timetable

Services reinstated from Monday, December 13 2021

Liverpool to Norwich (Full reinstatements)

  • 0642 Sheffield – Nottingham
  • 0741 Nottingham – Norwich
  • 1651 Liverpool Lime Street – Nottingham
  • 1851 Liverpool Lime Street – Nottingham
  • 2141 Manchester Piccadilly – Nottingham 
  • 1257 Norwich – Liverpool Lime Street
  • 1656 Norwich – Manchester Piccadilly

Matlock to Nottingham 

  • Continues to run Matlock to Derby only

Crewe to Newark Castle

  • 0736 Newark Castle – Crewe
  • 1243 Newark Castle – Crewe
  • 1736 Newark Castle – Crewe
  • 1008 Crewe – Newark Castle
  • 1508 Crewe – Newark Castle
  • 2009 Crewe – Nottingham

Leicester to Cleethorpes

  • 0727 Nottingham – Leicester
  • 0842 Leicester – Nottingham

Full cancellations

  • 0846 Nottingham – Skegness
  • 1114 Skegness – Nottingham
  • 1346 Nottingham – Skegness
  • 1614 Skegness – Nottingham

The following services will be temporarily removed from EMR’s timetable on Monday, December 13 and will be reinstated on Monday, January 3, 2022

  • 0607 Nottingham – Norwich
  • 0955 Norwich – Liverpool (between Norwich and Nottingham)
  • 1208 Crewe – Newark Castle (between Derby and Newark Castle on Weekdays and Nottingham and Newark Castle on Saturdays)
  • 1436 Newark Castle – Crewe (between Newark Castle and Derby Mon-Fri and between Newark Castle and Nottingham on Saturdays)

Services Reinstated from Monday, January 3, 2022

Liverpool to Norwich

  • 0647 Liverpool – Norwich (between Liverpool & Nottingham)
  • 1051 Liverpool – Norwich (between Liverpool & Nottingham)
  • 0747 Nottingham – Liverpool Lime Street
  • 1057 Norwich – Liverpool Lime Street  (between Nottingham 
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