Carlton woman who saved life of boy wanting to jump off Trent Bridge launches new venture to help people boost mental wellbeing

She wants to help others after hitting rock bottom in her late 20s.

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A healthy living expert is urging borough residents to take care of their mental health after saving the life of a boy who threatened to jump off Trent Bridge. 

Charlotte Stripling, owner of Simply Dance in Carlton, was honoured for her bravery with a police commendation and local award after supporting the youngster for four hours and talking him to safety. 

She has now launched a new business called Charlotte’s Way to help people with their mental mindset. 

The online tool and resource offer support to help reset the mind to find a happier, healthier you with affirmation cards to help turn negative energy into positive thoughts and feelings. 

Charlotte is also running a Reset Retreat at Colwick Hall on November 14 with workshops including hypnosis, yoga, meditation and much more. 

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The event will also include a lunch, welcome smoothies and a goodie bag.  

Speaking about her initiative, Charlotte said: “I’ve worked with young people and adults in the city for many years through my dance business and together we’ve worked through mental trauma and supported one another through difficult times.  

PICTURED: Charlotte Stripling, who runs Simply Dance studio in Carlton

“The support available for people is limited and with such a rise in mental health issues, it’s a very overstretched sector.  

“Charlotte’s Way is my way of offering support and helping people change their mindset to think more positively.” 

Charlotte also said she has been suffering from mental health issues and depression since she was a teenager, and that mental health was not something people spoke about at the time. 

She said: “I remember very clearly how I felt. I would get crazy thoughts that made me feel like a freak show, wanting to disappear, wishing I wasn’t here, wondering if anyone would care if I died.   

“I hit rock bottom in my late 20’s off the back of a failed business which left me with huge financial burdens, the loss of my baby, being told I had PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and potentially not being able to have children and the breakdown of my marriage.” 

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The 30-year-old businesswoman said she started to change things around when she began to work on her own wellbeing and mindset, through self-love and healing, which inspired her to start Charlotte’s Way and the Reset Retreat, to help others going through a similar path. 

She added: “I want to support people through their journey to reset their mindset and work on their own mental wellbeing.”  

Charlotte’s Reset Retreat is being held at Colwick Hall on Sunday, November 14. To find out more  


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