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Carlton Covid jab sessions on offer for youngsters

5-11-year-olds will now be able to receive their first and second dose of the vaccine at a new weekly clinic. 

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Young people will have the opportunity to grab a Covid-19 jab at a Carlton location.

5-11-year-olds will now be able to receive their first and second dose of the vaccine at the new weekly clinic. 

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The clinic, held at Park House Health and Social Care Centre on Burton Road, is a chance for 5-11-year-olds to receive the Covid-19 jab in a local and convenient setting.  

The clinic will be held every Thursday in May and June from 4-7pm 

Parents and guardians are encouraged to book an appointment on the NHS website or via 119. There will also be limited walk-in slots available.  

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Steve Upton, deputy director of Operations for the City and South Nottinghamshire, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for parents and guardians to get their 5-11 year old protected from Covid-19 at special child-friendly clinics. We have a great team of staff who will be on hand to answer questions and concerns.   

PICTURED: Park House on Burton Road is playing host to the weekly clinics

“The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has recommended all children would benefit from the offer of the vaccine to help protect against potential future waves of Covid-19 and the risk of serious illness. 

“For decades, vaccinations have protected children and young people from potentially serious diseases including measles and flu. The Covid-19 vaccine is one more vaccine that will help protect children from illness and it remains our strongest defence against Covid-19. 

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“It is important that parents and carers of children aged 5-11 take advantage of this protection to protect their children, their families and the community.” 

Children will be offered the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. Each vaccine is a third of the dose of vaccine that is given to older children and adults. Children need 2 injections of the vaccine usually 12 weeks apart.  

The clinics will run every week over the next six weeks and may continue after that, subject to demand from the public. 

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  1. Absolutely sickening!!! There is literally no need to jab a child who has a 99.98% chance of survival. You’re doing this to 1: Make money, (£15 per jab) & 2: To put an experimental liquid into people in the hope that it kills them off. This is NOT a vaccine!!!! You’re a sick, mentally disturbed bunch of people!!! The “Vaccine” which is NOT a “Vaccine” also contains HIV Spike Proteins found by the man who discovered HIV.


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