REFUSED: Controversial plans for car wash site in Carlton rejected by councillors

A campaign group formed to fight plans for a car wash on derelict land in Carlton are celebrating after proposals were rejected by councillors yesterday.

Plans to turn vacant land next to the Inn For A Penny pub on Burton Road into a hand car wash and valeting site were met with anger from local residents when they were submitted back in February.

Documents show fixed canopies, an office, staff room, store, waiting area and toilets would have been constructed on the site.

But the plans were rejected at a planning meeting on March 22 and the decision was officially announced yesterday (March 29).

Now the Stop The Car Wash group, who led the campaign to try and halt the controversial plans going ahead, want the land secured for community use.

Burton Road resident and group spokesman Russ Coughtrey told Gedling Eye: “We are obviously delighted at the news that the early stage planning committee rejected the proposal for a hand car wash on land adjacent to the Inn for a penny.

“Our campaign group ran a very full and intensive programme of work over several weeks and presented well-researched arguments that were sent forward as evidence.

PICTURED: Plans for the hand car wash business submitted to Gedling Borough Council (IMAGE: GBC)
The original application notice attached to the site (PICTURE: Francis Rodrigues)

“Our goal was to stop something highly inappropriate being developed on this site. We were not anti-business or anti-development but we knew early on drawing on our intimate knowledge of the site that this proposal really was not right for our community on too many levels.

“We were particularly concerned for those residents who live closest to the site for the nuisance and disturbance they were going to have to suffer. In addition road safety and the ecological threat to the Ouse Dyke were major concerns.

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“We were very encouraged therefore that the planning authority and the consulted body of experts concurred with our submission to reject the application.”

Before falling into private hands, this land had been handed over to the community by the Godfrey back in 1901 with a proviso that it would be used for recreational purposes for the people of Carlton– something campaigners want restored.

Mr Coughtrey said: “We now want to explore the option of working with Gedling Borough Council in securing this land for community use as it was in the early 1900s when the Godfrey family gifted this land to local people.

“The land obviously remains in private hands for now and the owners may wish to present revised proposals however it remains a very difficult site for any industrial or commercial proposal to work.

“Our campaign group will now move into becoming a community action group and we aim to bring something vibrant and new to the civic scene locally.

“Although a difficult plot we feel confident that we can deliver a fresh and creative community green space for everyone to enjoy.”

It is not yet known if the decision to refuse planning permission for the car wash will be appealed.

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  1. Could this be used as a small market area for local people to buy and sell, maybe once a week? If not here then how about the empty car lot at the bottom of Westdale Lane? It would certainly revitalise the area. Many areas now have a weekly market but we have nothing.

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