Residents mount campaign to save mental health service from closure

Residents in Gedling are being asked to get behind a campaign to save a mental health service from closure by a local health authority.

Broomhill House, which is based in Gedling, could soon be closing its doors for good after the service was put into consultation earlier this month by Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust.

The service, which has been based in the village for over 20 years, provides care and treatment for patients who are recovering from enduring mental health conditions but are not yet ready to return home. It also provides an outreach service that enables some of its patients to live at home in the local community.

A campaign has now been launched to save the service and a public meeting has been organised for people to have their say on closure plans.

Campaigners hoping to save the service posted on Facebook recently outlining reasons why the service is essential to its patients and also the local community.

“The rational [for closure] is that the government has said they want more community-based services that deem to be cost effective but limits the support to patients who realistically will only be seen once or twice a week. This does not replicate the service delivered now.

“The concerns are that some will suffer as a result and may end up back on an acute ward.

“For those that access the outreach service, where will they find that safety and support? Will they be left wandering the streets of Gedling?”

Gedling Eye today asked Nottinghamshire Healthcare for a statement on the future of Broomhill House.

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A spokesperson said: “Feedback from patients and clinical evidence shows that people want to be cared for in their own homes, which aids their recovery. Therefore, the Trust has proposed the the expansion of the successfully developed community rehabilitation team serving residents of the City and south of Nottinghamshire.

” These developments will allow more people to be supported to meet their rehabilitation need in their own homes, optimising recovery in the home environment. This change will lead to a decrease in demand for inpatient rehabilitation beds as more people receive their care in the community, and therefore the Trust has proposed to close two open rehabilitation units, Heather Close in Mansfield and Broomhill House in Gedling.

“There are a number of ways for people to share their views and more information can be found on the Trust’s website at The deadline for comments is 28 July 2015 and a final decision will be made following this engagement period”

The public meetings will take place at St George’s Centre in Netherfield on Friday, July 17, at 10am.

The meeting previously advertised on June 30 is now for Broomhill House patients and carers only.

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  1. Tory cutbacks yet again hit the mist vulnerable while bankers and fatcats don’t pay in what they should. Sickening!

    1. Hi Carrie, since this article was published I’ve started an online petition to keep Broomhill open. Would you be interested in signing it? It’s on the link above.

      Thanks, Ben

  2. Disgusting! Our NHS continues to suffer from cuts locally and at Westminster. Starting to regret not voting Labour! Let’s get down to All Hallows everyone and get our voices heard.

  3. maybe if we stopped paying 4 boob jobs and liposuction for fatties on NHs we could afford things like this we really need. Get a grip cameron

  4. Will someone clarify? The meeting date of 30th June is a Tuesday not Friday. So is the meeting on 3rd July?
    Cameron and his ilk knows mental health patients are easy targets.

    1. Hi Ruth, since this article was written I’ve started a petition to keep Broomhill open. Would you be interested in signing it? It’s in the link above.

      Thanks, Ben

  5. Hi Ruth, the day has now been corrected to Tuesday 30 as you rightly pointed out. We are hearing this date for the meeting could now be rearranged. As soon as we find out details we’ll publish them on here. Thanks for reading Ruth. Much appreciated.

  6. To be honest I am kind of glad. I am not happy with patients in the community to be honest. It’s unfortunate that they are lumbered with such an appalling condition but being amongst us and struggling to cope is not for the best in my view. I’d rather cash was invested in improving full-time care at hospitals for these people so they can get care they deserve and are looked after. They shouldn’t be left to wander our streets. Just my opinion.

  7. Hi just to clarify. The public meeting is on the 17th of July at The Georges centre in Netherfield 10.00am – 12 noon. The meeting at All Hallows is for patients and carers only.
    Thankyou for your support

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