People reminded ‘only essential visits should be made’ as queues form at recycling centre in Calverton

 People reminded ‘only essential visits should be made’ as queues form at recycling centre in Calverton

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Nottinghamshire County Council are reminding people in the borough to only make ‘essential visits’ to a tip in Calverton after huge queues formed outside on the first day of reopening after lockdown.

Calverton Recycling Centre had been closed due to the coronavirus lockdown, but today opened its gates and start taking waste from the public.

But there has been lengthy queues outside the centre all day, prompting Nottinghamshire County Council to issue a warning.

In a post on social media, they said: “We’re already experiencing huge queues at the sites that have reopened

PICTURED: The council’s recycling facility in Calverton

“This is causing a dangerous highway situation

“Only essential visits should be made.’

They added: “We can’t stress this enough, this is the first day sites have reopened – you do not need to rush there, please wait a few days.

“Traffic enforcement is in place, but unfortunately many are ignoring the advice – creating dangerous situations potentially for blue light services needing to get around the county.’

Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council, Councillor Kay Cutts, MBE warned people not to flock to the centre when it opened.

She said: “At the start of lockdown, the Government gave very clear advice to only make necessary journeys and a trip to the recycling centre was not identified as an essential journey.

“I know residents are keen for recycling centres to reopen but we must do this safely and within Government guidelines around essential travel, and I would reiterate that where possible your waste should be stored safely at home in the first instance.

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