New ‘state of the art’ recycling centre in Calverton approved despite opposition from residents

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A new recycling centre which will create dozens of jobs has been approved in Calverton.

Plans for the new “state of the art” site to replace the current HGV dismantling depot were passed by councillors on April 19.

Nottinghamshire County Councillors praised the plans, despite objections from Calverton Parish Council and concerns from almost 50 residents about noise, dust, traffic and odour.

The parish council said there would be “significant impacts from HGV exhaust emissions” while residents said there would be “no respite on noise” due to the site running 24/7.

The new plans will see the current building extended and the site used for tipping, sorting and storage of mixed plastics, cardboard and paper, with the creation of 50 new jobs.

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As part of the new plans, there would be 19 deliveries and departures a day from the site off Hollinwood Lane near Calverton village.

The plastic waste would arrive at the site in wrapped bales and would then be split and separated.

PICTURED: 50 residents in Calverton objected to the plans

Residents raised concerns about the plans for the centre to operate 24/7, with deliveries limited from 8am to 6pm on weekdays and prohibited on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Once in use, the site will process up to 100,000 tonnes of materials per year.

Adrian Smith, Corporate Director of Place for Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “The development proposals will secure a significant capital investment for the establishment of a state of the art plastics recycling facility, allowing plastics to be recycled into reusable materials, diverting these waste streams from landfill disposal and assisting in achieving more sustainable waste management at a high level.”

Applicant Ryan Burley, Chief Executive of Pro Environmental, said: “This will create an additional 50 skilled job positions, ranging from administration, transport, managerial and so on.

“We take concerns raised by the local community very seriously and are committed to an open dialogue.

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“We have designed our entire top floor offices as an educational centre with a viewing platform.

“We look forward to being a part of this community for many years to come.”

Councillor Boyd Elliot (Con), councillor for the area, said: “This is an ideal location.

“I want to echo the employment opportunities and also the educational potential there.

“All in all it’s extremely positive for the area and a sound investment.”

Councillor Sam Smith (Con) added: “I think 50 extra jobs in Calverton is something we should all be jumping at the opportunity for.”

The plans were approved unanimously during the meeting.


  1. Gedling borough council using Calverton as a dumping site as usual. With all the houses being built in the area too it’s becoming a joke. Why not put it in Woodborough or Epperstone or Lambley?

    • It’s a County Council site not Gedling Borough’s site. The Tory Councillors at the County Council have made this happen. Cllr Sam Smith is a Tory Councillor for Burton Joyce but he’s very happy for Calverton to suffer this nuisance.

  2. The local do good crew got the waste tip closed on the A614 which provided a local service and a source of sand. This has back fired with a big bang as the recycle plant is now going to be on the doorstep. These are probably those who live in new housing whilst moaning about further building development in the village. Incidentally they may live where I played football as a child off crookdale lane, or the massive building development on stripes fields which is responsible for flooding main street which was non existent when I was a child. I have bottled this moan up for years whilst the local council crew have rattled on.


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