Council to review Calverton recycling centre facilities to ensure they meet residents’ needs

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Nottinghamshire County Council will be carrying out a review of it’s recycling site in Calverton, assessing on-site access, facilities, and capacity in order to highlight any potential opportunities for improvement.

The review of the site on Hollinwood Lane will also help NCC meet the requirements of the Government’s Resources and Waste Strategy for England and the Environment Act, which encourages re-use and recycling and includes proposals which will change and increase the range and amount of material collected at the kerbside.

During 2019/20, 87,000 tonnes of waste was collected across the council’s 12 recycling centres of which approximately 80% was sent for recycling or composting.

Councillor Neil Clarke, MBE, Chairman of the Transport and Environment Committee at Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “It’s great that we have managed to recycle and compost 80% of the waste collected and I would like to thank residents for their recycling efforts, as well as the staff that manage and run our recycling centres across the county.

“We still need to do more and the best place to start is by reducing the amount of household waste we produce.

PICTURED: The council’s recycling facility in Calverton
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“We know our recycling centres are a valuable resource for the community and we want to help residents to reduce and manage their waste, continue to recycle as much as possible, and to support the environment and minimise the impact we each have on it. 

“By carrying out this Review we will be able to identify whether our recycling facility ion Calverton is in the best possible locations with enough capacity to serve residents, especially in light of the new communities that are emerging across the county.

“It will also show us how we can enhance the existing high-quality service to help us to meet any obligations arising from the new Environment Act and also achieve our own ambitions to be carbon neutral in all our activities by 2030”.

The Strategic Review is expected to take three months to complete with a report back to Committee, outlining recommendations and next steps, before the summer recess.


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