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Calverton kids declare war on waste during community litter pick

“The earth doesn’t like it when people drop litter. I felt good when I did the litter pick”


Calverton residents of all ages were on a mission earlier this week to ensure their village is kept clean and tidy.

Local litter pickers took to the local parks and streets on Tuesday (14) to carry out a spring clean of their village.

The community litter pick was organised by Calverton Parish Councillor Jessica Feargrieve and the team at community hub centre The Core Centre

Cllr Fairgrieve said: “Myself and my two children Nellie and Florence have always done litter picks around the village. The girls hate seeing litter on the ground and don’t understand why people don’t use bins – and of course neither do I!

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“We did a big litter pick a couple of weeks ago and got a big bag full and it got us thinking – how much litter could be collected if there were more of us!

“I decided to organise a village litter pick and we decided to do our first one during half term to get lots of the children involved.”

The team at The Core Centre in Calverton offered to host and help organise the event and Gedling Borough Council provided litter grabbers, vests and bags for the event

The volunteers managed to collect over ten bags of rubbish within just a couple of hours.

Jessica added:”It was a great turn out and we picked up a lot of litter. People seemed to genuinely enjoy the experience and are keen to do more. People met new friends, enjoyed socialising and gave something back to their community.

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“We will be organising another community litter pick again soon but I hope and think it has encouraged people to do litter picks more often.

“We had a great response from people which really encouraged the children involved, they definitely felt a sense of pride. It shouldn’t be down to the public to do this but I think it’s very important to have pride in where you live.”

Samantha Jones works at the Core Centre and said she thought the event had been a great success.

“It really brought the community together, with some people even making new friends,” she said.

“It will make people think twice about what they do with their rubbish.

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“It was a brilliant team effort and we hope to do more of these events in the future.”

A number of local children took part and all said they hoped the event would make people think twice before dropping litter in the village.

Seren Chandler, 5, said: “People who drop litter aren’t caring for the planet. If they can’t find a bin they should wait until they get home. When I did the litter pick it made me feel a bit sad because the people who dropped the litter should have done it themselves.”

Oliver Bratton, 8, said: “I just wish people wouldn’t drop their litter, even if we did have fun picking it up.”

Luna Chandler, 8, said: “If I saw someone dropping litter I’d say pick that up right now and put it in that bin. Don’t be lazy. It’s bad for the environment, the planet and our village.

“It doesn’t look nice when there is litter everywhere.”

“I think when people drop litter it is bad and it’s not good for wildlife as they could get hurt,” said five-year-old Nellie Feargrieve.

“I felt happy doing the litter pick because the litter was all cleared up!”

Three-year-old Florence Feargrieve added: “The earth doesn’t like it when people drop litter. I felt good when I did the litter pick”

Further information about The Core Centre can be found on their social channel HERE.

For more information about future litter picks, contact Councillor Feargrieve via email at

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  1. Great job by the kids but instead of Gedling Borough Council providing all of the tools needed, it’s about time they & their staff did a better job in the first place & kept the streets cleaner


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