Burial ground proposed in open countryside near Calverton to ease shortage of grave space in Arnold

Developers want to build a burial ground in open countryside outside Calverton following concerns there is not enough grave space left in Arnold.

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Developers want to build a burial ground in open countryside outside Calverton following concerns there is not enough grave space left in Arnold.

Funeral service company, A.W. Lymn, wants to change the use of agricultural land to a mixed traditional, natural and woodland burial ground off Georges Lane in Calverton.

The proposal also includes landscaping, new access arrangements, and 18 car parking spaces.

The site is located within the Green Belt and Ramsdale Hill to the north.

Calverton Parish Council has objected over access issues to and from the site and that a footpath exits onto the road in “a dangerous area due to visibility”.

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Two objections have been received from members of the public, saying “access is inappropriate close to the sharp bend” and citing extra traffic.

There has been no objection from the council’s conservation officer, the Environment Agency or Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, which has requested that bat boxes are installed.

The council notes there is “now a shortage of local burial space provision to service the needs of people living in the Arnold area of the borough”.

It says Carlton Cemetery has 20 years-plus of burial space, and Calverton village also has adequate burial space.

However, Redhill Cemetery is deemed full to all, apart from ashes internment and re-openers in multiple occupation pre-purchased graves.

The council says access issues have been addressed as part of the application, which includes proposed works to widen the access from Georges Lane to enable two cars to pass.

Planning officers at the council said:  “Whilst the proposal would result in the change of use of land which currently forms open land within the Green Belt, the amount of built form would be limited.

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“It is accepted that the presence of gravestones would change the character of the land visually but they would not be significant in terms of their height or general scale.

“The proposed development would represent appropriate development in the Green Belt.”

Planning officers have recommended that planning permission is granted. Councillors will decide the fate of the application when they meet on Wednesday, July 27.


  1. Why can’t GBC purchase land next to the crematorium for a burial ground . Makes more sense to me . If it’s down the slope it will be invisible to passing traffic.

  2. May be the Farmer doesn’t want to sell, but yes a good option for those that cant see down the fields, maybe not so good for those looking up though, we all have to go somewhere and its never goung to please all the people


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