Urbanisation of Calverton continues as old cottage with character faces demolition

 Urbanisation of Calverton continues as old cottage with character faces demolition
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A planning application has been submitted to GBC for the cottage and its garden to the east of St Wilfrid’s Square (34 Main Street).

The development scheme involves of the demolition of the cottage and its outbuildings and the construction of 2 blocks of dwellings, one of 2-storeys with 4 maisonettes and the other of 3-storeys containing 6 apartments. The 3-storey block would also include 2 retail units which would be accessed from St. Wilfrid’s Square near the public toilets.

The design is worrying, as it seems more in-keeping with the existing St Wilfrid’s Square precinct in terms of scale and building materials than with the character of the Conservation Area and the old cottages in the area.

The cottage garden would be almost completely lost to hard-surfacing, in order to provide the entrance road, near the existing bus stop on Main Street, to the new residences and the associated row of ten car parking spaces. The scheme would, however, do nothing to alleviate the existing parking issues in the village centre, as no provision appears to have been made for direct access to the proposed retail units.

With very little space left for any soft landscaping, the area would be completely transformed from a traditional cottage with garden, orchard and outbuildings to a very urban environment. This would not suit the setting of the Conservation Area or St Wilfrid’s Church. Back in the days of its former glory, before it suffered years of unoccupied neglect, this area made a positive contribution to the character of old Calverton. In planning terms, it should be viewed as a heritage asset. It is worth pointing out that allowing a heritage asset to be neglected and fall into a state of disrepair cannot be used as a justification for demolition.

Remembering Eileen Cupitt (1919-2009)

PICTURED: Eileen Cupitt MBE

Eileen was the person principally responsible for the establishment of the Calverton Preservation Society 40 years ago. The original aims of the Society not only included raising environmental awareness, but also encouraging interest in local heritage.  Again, Eileen played a part in this aspect of the Society by contributing to several publications about the village but particularly for organising and running the Calverton Folk Museum which opened in 1974. She spent countless hours tidying, cleaning and generally maintaining the Museum and its displays for the pleasure and information of visitors from many areas of the country as well as other parts of the world.

She made a considerable contribution to village life over many years, her commitment and enthusiasm has made Calverton a better place to live and was rightly recognised by the award of the MBE in 2007.

Pres clips

It’s good to see some of the road markings in the village being repainted especially at the zebra crossing on Crookdole Lane. Let’s hope other roads are also included.

The Folk Museum will again be taking part in the Radio Nottingham “Big Day Out” (BDO) event, when many heritage sites in the county are allowing FREE admission. This year the BDO is on Sunday April 28.




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  • The developer must have planning permission. Did no-one one oppose it?

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