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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Buzz stop: Beekeeper sorts out swarm of bees who set up home outside surgery in Netherfield


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A huge swarm of bees has caused a buzz in Netherfield – after setting up home outside a doctors’ surgery.

Luckily, bee expert Alec Thompson was on hand to suppress the swarm who had placed themselves outside the new surgery on Knight Street.

PICTURED: The swarm of bees at the Netherfield Medical Centre (PHOTO: Trentside Medical Group/Facebook)

Staff were also quick to react to the situation, guiding patients around where the bees were.

Mr Thompson quickly created a ‘new home’ for the bees.

He said: “They are now thinking this is their new home. I’ll wrap them up and take it to their new home, where I live”

Well done, Alec!!

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  1. Bet they were releaved to get out of Netherfield. I would be! Bring them to Arnold somewhere nice to live. Our capital our London.

  2. Actually, I live in Netherfield and feel insulted by your ignorant approach. Arnold is not without its own problems, but as with all areas and people, there are good and bad elements everywhere. That is also the same with London, and if London is your goal, why don’t you consider moving there? Please!


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