Borough postcode named as worst area in UK for car vandalism

 Borough postcode named as worst area in UK for car vandalism

DAMAGE: NG15 has been named as a car vandalism hotspot

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A postcode which includes villages in Gedling borough has been named as the worst place for car vandalism in the UK.

The study, carried out by car insurance firm Churchill, dubbed NG15 as the worst area for car vandalism in the UK. Edinburgh was named second.

The postcode covers Papplewick, Newstead and Ravenshead and was found to be the most likely area for intentional damage to vehicles.

No other Nottinghamshire postcode featured in the top 10.

Steve Barrett, head of Churchill car insurance, said: “This research proves that there isn’t a stereotypical area for vehicle vandalism and that it could happen anywhere.

“We want to highlight the top ten areas in order to raise awareness of the issue and to urge local law enforcement agencies to take further action to clamp down on vehicle vandalism. Ex-partner or unpopular celebrity, we want to be clear that there is never a good excuse to vandalise anyone’s property.”

When asked about professions, the study exposed how Brits would be least sympathetic towards footballers if their cars were vandalised, with one in three (33 per cent) feeling this way.

Other professions which could be deemed as least favourable include bankers (25 per cent), journalists (18 per cent) and taxi drivers (4 per cent).

Churchill offered the following tips to help deter vehicle vandals

  • Park smart – if you have a driveway or garage then make use of them and if these aren’t available, be sure to park in a well-lit place
  • Good neighbours – investing time in getting to know those around you has many benefits, including having people who can keep an eye out on your property if you’re away and who can alert you if they see anything suspicious
  • Perhaps an extreme measure, but anyone who is really concerned or has been a repeat victim of vehicle vandalism should consider CCTV. This works as a deterrent and could assist in identifying and bringing the perpetrator to justice
Emily Sanchez

Emily Sanchez

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