Borough internet users warned of new ‘sextortion’ email scam which sees people blackmailed into into parting with cash

 Borough internet users warned of new ‘sextortion’ email scam which sees people blackmailed into into parting with cash
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Fraudsters are putting the frighteners on people in Gedling borough by threatening to wrongly identify them as paedophiles, unless they cough up cash.

Scambusters Action Fraud are urging people in the borough not to reply to the scary emails that accuse the recipient of being a ‘pedophile’ and goes on to claim they have video evidence that will be sent out unless payment is received.

One of the emails reads: “I am a computer scientist (internet security specialist) with affiliation with the Anonymous group.

“Few months ago you downloaded an application. That application had a special code implemented purposely. Since the moment you installed it, your device started to act like a remote desktop I was able to access anytime.

The scam email being sent out demanding money (IMAGE: Action Fraud)

“The programme allowed me to access your desktop, your camera(s), your files, passwords and contact lists. I also know where you live and where you work.

It goes on to demand payment in untraceable Bitcoin to avoid the threat being carried out.

The emails use foreign language to help avoid spam filters.

On occasion, the email correctly identifies one of the recipients account passwords in an attempt to convince them that the threat is genuine. Action Fraud believe this kind of information was obtained from an earlier data breach.

Lauren Stewart contacted Action Fraud on social media to report the scam.

She posted: “I had something similar and they actually typed out one of my passwords in full. I googled it so understood the scam but wow that was scary for a second.”

A spokesman for Action Fraud said: “Don’t be tempted to make the Bitcoin payment. Doing so may encourage more scams as the fraudster will know they have a ‘willing’ customer.”

For information on how to protect yourself from sextortion scams, visit:


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