Borough Council uses new powers to kick out noisy neighbours

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Gedling Borough Council has used newly granted powers to ban a noisy neighbour from having people in his property because he couldn’t control their behaviour. 
A closure order was granted on premises at 20 Hooton Road, Carlton under the new laws introduced into the Anti-Social behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 that allowed the council to prevent the visitors, who were using the house as a drinking den, from entering the property for the next three months.
The order came after residents complained to the police, the council and Accent Nene Housing Association about music being played all day and night, late night parties and constant shouting and swearing in the communal areas and the flat.
Officers from the council’s Public Protection department gathered evidence from the Police and the housing association and presented them to Nottingham Magistrates’ Court who granted and order which gave the council the power to stop the visitors from entering the property immediately after being granted.
Portfolio Holder for Public Protection, Cllr David Ellis welcomed the result.
He said: “We are very pleased with the swift action taken by the court to remove the noise makers quickly.  No one should have to put up with this kind of behaviour from their neighbours, let’s hope the tenant and his visitors take heed of this warning and behave appropriately in the future.”


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