Black Lives Matter: Gedling Borough Council to begin slavery-link street name review

 Black Lives Matter: Gedling Borough Council to begin slavery-link street name review

PICTURED: Civic Centre at Arnot Hill Park

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The leader of Gedling Borough Council has said his council will be reviewing all street names in the borough to ascertain whether there are any links to the slave trade. 

However he said they would ‘absolutely not’ be throwing away any of the street name signs, but would consider putting up education boards to inform people, or moving them into museums.

He also said names of streets would not be changed unless people who lived there wanted them to be.

It comes after the statue of 18th slave trader and Tory MP Edward Colston was dragged into Bristol harbour.

The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis has sparked Black Lives Matter protests across the world, incuding in Nottingham, and started a national debate about whether statues and street names with links to the slave trade should be altered or removed altogether.

Now, council leader John Clarke, who represents the Netherfield ward for Labour, has said a decision was taken yesterday (Wednesday, June 10) to start a review into all street names in the borough.

Gedling leader John Clarke, pictured, left, with deputy leader Michael Payne, right. (Credit: Joseph Raynor)

He said: “We are looking at our own history and our own conscience, so we will have a look through. 

“I don’t think there are many, if any, in the borough that are controversial but we will have a look.”

Asked what the council would do if, during the review, it was found that some street names did have links to the slave trade, councillor Clarke said: “I think we would try to educate people.

“You can’t let this go, this has got to remind people of what happened and educate people.

“The brutality has to be highlighted. You could put up information boards, or in consultation with people change the name of the street, but some people might object to that and you’ve got to listen to everybody because it’s their street.

“You’ve got to put a debate forward , but (if the street name was changed) we shouldn’t put these street name boards in a skip or melt them down, these should be used in museums and used for anti-racism education.”

A spokesman for Gedling Borough Council said: ““We are reviewing our statues, street names and other public signage to make sure they meet the expectations of our multicultural society.

“We take great pride in our stance on equality and diversity in the borough and we stand shoulder to shoulder with the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Gedling has a strong history of promoting cultural inclusivity, our communities are built on a league of nations and we will continue to work with our residents to promote their causes.”



  • This is so stupid, it’s our history. So let’s remove Mandela statue and road names, he was a terrorist sentenced to life in prison.
    Only BLM when a white person is involved. When it’s black killing black it doesn’t seem to matter.
    When the Uk abolished slavery the black slave masters continued to sell slaves to southern American countries. And yes that doesn’t matter does it.

    There were more black slave masters around in the day, but that doesn’t matter does it?
    BLM movement’s are a disgrace In this country and GBC should re think Their strategy.

  • Such a knee jerk reaction to nonsense. Can GBC really afford to carry out and follow through this task. Its British history that activist are trying to erase and the Council should be able to see through it. Slave masters were everywhere and of many nationalities not just white from the Uk and USA. It just so happens that the UK masters returned revenue to their cities for the good of the people here. Hence statues to remember them by.

  • I am absolutely disgusted that you feel the need to cow-tow to the minority who probably don’t even pay council tax, and try to wipe history off the streets of the Borough. Will you at least, please put it to the taxpayers, once you have wasted all of this money on a survey to ask them what they want.

  • All the pandering looks weird please stop! minorities will always moan about something you will never make them happy

  • The comments and responses on here are disgusting. I feel quite proud to live in an area where local councillors recognise these issues and wish to respond.
    I thought I could not respond, ignore and move on without commenting but my silence just makes it look like these people are in the majority and they are not!
    This talk of “minorities” and “cow-towing” is sickening. This is a real issue and it needs addressing as systemic, institutional and societal levels. Our history cannot be hidden and it must be learned correctly and honestly.

  • I disagree with the Councils approach to this. What’s next, RIP up all Roman roads in the country because they were built by white Local slaves?
    Also All protests should be banned due to serious nature of the COVID-19 virus.

  • There should be more plaques and memorabilia so history isn’t forgotten. Whatever next?

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