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Biodiversity and climate change are inspiration for this stunning mural in Arnold


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This breathtaking mural at Church Drive, Arnold is more than what meets the eye, raising awareness about the comeback of beavers. 

Created by the Nottingham-based graffiti artist Alex Rubes, the mural is inspired of gorgeous but endangered Fen violet and draws attention to the re-introduction of beavers to Nottinghamshire after 400 years. 

The vibrant painting is a part of ‘Wildwalls project’, an initiative by UK Youth for Nature on highlighting the impact of climate change on wildlife. 

UK Youth for Nature is a non-governmental organization dedicated to tackle loss of nature and wild life. 

PICTURED: The mural on Church Drive (PHOTO: Jyothsna Nelloolichalil)

And, this particular mural was also sponsored by the Beaver Trust. 

The artist said it took him five days to paint the whole piece of art and the campaign organizers commented to have ‘blown away’ by his talent behind the wall. 

As a part of the project, wall arts were set up in a few other cities like Manchester, Liverpool, Aberystwyth and Belfast. 

A family of beavers were introduced to Idle Valley Natural Reserve near Retford, a joint venture by Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and Severn Trent, with an intent to improve the water quality of the reserve. 

The plan to release of these water engineers took two years for a successful completion, the Wildlife Trust said. 

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